Friday, March 4, 2011

Mini Me

Often times it will be the middle of the day and I'll look down and realize that Savannah and I are wearing unplanned coordinating outfits.

Today it was Brant's turn.  While I was getting Savannah ready this morning, Brant came out wearing the almost same long sleeved brown stripes and jeans - in a matching brand even (maybe that's why they matched so much).
They matched even down to the white shoes.
P.S.  See that stack of wood?  Brant is really into cutting his own firewood from the trees on our .8 acre lot.  I told him we wood (get it?  wood?) watch  him cut down this tree, but only if he yelled TIMBER at the top of his lungs for the neighbors to hear.  Good job honey!


The Caldwell's said...

Wow! That's so cool :) matching outfit with daddy.
I can't believe he cut all that wood...

Nancy said...