Friday, November 20, 2009

Woot! Woot!

I've had some pretty good couponing trips lately (triple coupons at Food Lion - weird name, I know - earlier this week was pretty exciting), and I know I said I wouldn't ever do this again- but today I hit up Rite Aid for the second time this week and put these four things in my cart and headed to the check out stand -

Once the lady rang every thing up and was about to tell me the total (we were having small chit chat), I casually mentioned "Oh, I have some coupons for you."

One by one, she scanned each coupon in. After she scanned the last coupon, she looked back at the total and, with eyes wide, turned to me and said "55 cents! WOW!" Then she turned to the worker and manager at the register next to hers and exclaimed "Her total is 55 cents for this!"

She was a friendly woman and since the screen to the register was big enough for me to see too, I pointed to the numbers and nonchalantly mentioned "Actually....I think you owe me 55 cents." (That doesn't include the $4 in rebates from that transaction I'll get back in the mail).

The lady was pretty excited. After studing the screen for a second and realizing that my coupons actually did bring me to a negative total of .55, she was amazed. But Rite Aid must have some policy because she said that she couldn't give me money back from the register.

I told her that was perfectly fine as I picked up the items she placed in the bag (now that I think about it I should have grabbed something else in the 55 cents range). She kept saying "Tell all your friends! Tell all your friends!" I told her I definately would.

And then I left the store smiling.

And I mean really smiling.

P.S. This is not the ta-da post.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


So maybe I've lost a little steam for blogging lately - but we're still alive and kickin' (especially this baby!)

Today was the last day of tax classes for me. After I take the online test to pass the certification I'll post a few really interesting things that I learned - including surprising tax deductions that I had no idea of before.

We've also got a fun Ta-Da post comming up soon. Stay tuned :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We Survived the Swine of '09

If I were a drugstore (and actually had stock of the vaccine), I'd advertise that we had H1N1 shots with this slogan in the windows.

I'm a believer in flu shots and try to get them every year. Especially this year with a baby arrival expected in the thick of a rampid flu season. Some people aren't comfortable with this vaccine and that is hasn't been tested long enough. I brought it up during our last doctors visit and got the confirmation that yes, this would be a good thing to get. I felt comfortable with that.

Last week I was watching the local news on a night where they dedicated half of their broadcast to the swine flu. The news station had added a page to their website of places they had found in the metro Atlanta area that had stock of H1N1 shots- and we were in luck! Our county's health department would be getting in a shipment of H1N1 shots at 10am the next morning and then have an open clinic from 1-3pm that day for people to come get them.

Brant was such a trooper about it- he definately is not a fan of getting shots, but I was able to convince him that with all the people he comes in contact with at work, that flu shots may not be a bad idea for him. Meaning both the seasonal flu shot and the H1N1 shot. I'm not paranoid- just prepared. Plus I've already had a mild cold that lasted about two weeks and do not look forward to the possiblity of becomming even more sick at the same time of having a new baby.

If your a believer in the flu vaccine and live in the Atlanta Metro area, go here for a list of available places with the H1N1 shot.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Anti- climatic Halloween

With the drizzly/rainy weather, Halloween was a little bit of a bust this year. The ward's chili/ trunk or treat was moved inside and folks just lined the hallways giving out candy instead of the kids going from trunk to trunk (but talk about efficiency! those kids all left with loads of candy!)

Although we did start a new way of carving pumpkins this year- with a power drill! And I didn't even catch any pics of it.

So instead here's a black & white pic of nothing to do with Halloween:

28 weeks down (that's six months), 12 to go (that's three months) . . .

Taken Saturday afternoon on the back porch. In between rainfalls we had a little sunshine- maybe that's why I'm squinting so much and have a funny face expression on my face...?

A couple points of interest:

This baby thinks she's really cute when she settles in and sits on her mama's bladder. And refuses to move for hours at a time causing her mom numerous trips to the bathroom (does anyone else average 6 bathroom trips a night?).

This baby girl also loves to excercise. The treadmill, weights, and circuits are all ok, but she especially gets excited and likes to participate in my aerobic classes. And when we're watching Dancing with the Stars.