Monday, July 25, 2011

Annual Garden Post

Since this is the first year that we've been in a home for two consecutive summers, Brant's garden pretty much stayed the same as last year - with an added bonus of getting bigger and better harvests this time around.

But the biggest bonus this year?  Finally having someone to help Brant in the garden (since I'm nowhere near an avid gardener as he is).  And she loves it.

Time to go to work

It's like an Easter Egg hunt finding these potatoes.  We used those same potatoes for tin foil dinners the next night.
They make a great team - Brant digs them up and Savannah puts them in her apron for safe keeping.

We've been busy soaking in these last few weeks enjoying our home and where we live before we pack up and head out to Houston - stay tuned!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Movie Theaters

We usually pass on going to them (since our cinema entertainment strategy is to utilize Netflix) but today was an exception - I took a gamble on having Savannah sit through an hour long movie (she actually did really well - but then again she probably had just as much fun bouncing on her seat as she did watching the movie) and caught the matinee showing of the new Winnie the Poo movie with our little cousins.  A perfect outing for a rainy morning - and the theater only had a few other people in it!

Heading out after the movie with cousin Matthew

Another fun rainy day activity we're doing today?  Looking at our recent family pictures that are now up online.  Click over to Savannah's blog for the password to the online gallery if you want to look too!
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Any Rolls Royce Golf Cart should be a novelty

Spotted during the annual Peachtree City parade

The 4th is such a fun holiday - and this year was no let down!

The weather was pleasant and we had shade during the parade with our extended fam.  We were situated by a nice family with two young kids who shared their candy and red beaded necklaces.  We were able to go home and nap before heading to the afternoon bbq at my bro's house (and got to play in the mini jump house there). Played with the cousins and on the wii at the bbq.  Went to the fireworks in PTC with the cousins, grandma, uncle & aunts.  Had another picnic and played with glowsticks while we waited for it to get dark
....and to top it off the rain held out until after the fireworks were over and we were on the way home.

With the Wilson cousins at dinner after  Leah's baby blessing on July 3rd. Grandma coordinated all the little girl's red white & blue matching dresses.

I couldn't decide on an outfit for Savannah, so she wore them all.  One for the parade, one for the afternoon bbq, and one for the fireworks.  (And one for the day after on July5th... but I didn't get a picture of that one).

What a fun holiday and great country we live in!
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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Farmhouse

The Farmhouse Restaurant at Serenbe is a great way to kick off the last year of your 20's - especially if your an avid gardener like Brant.

A little hoity toity if you were paying full price (they specialize in a farm-to-table concept using only locally grown farm-fresh ingredients), but the $25 giftcard I scored for $2 from made for a fine dining experience at a Chick-fil-A price.

Happy Birthday Brant!