Monday, March 21, 2011

Here's a little bit of a secret

Remember this post almost three years ago when I went to the Salt Lake Farmer's market?  I'll be honest- local honey, jam, bread, and a headband weren't the only things I bought.  But when I passed a portable tent with a woman and her homemade clothes, I couldn't pass up her cute little girl pillowcase dresses.  Since Savannah wasn't even a twinkle in our eyes yet, nor did I even know anyone that was having a baby girl, I felt a little silly buying it (I even told the woman that)...but I thought it was darling and have held onto it ever since.

Its a 12 month size and has been hanging in Savannah's closet ever since she was born.  And since it seemed like forever before she would be able to wear it, the dress started to not even register to me anymore whenever I opened the closet.  I got a little anxious the other week when I realized I had yet to dress her in it and that she might have already outgrown it.  What a tragedy that would have been, right?

It was a little on the small side, but crisis averted - she wore it to church yesterday.

That was a close one.


Nancy said...

I love your stories. :)

Eve said...

cute! I made one for Chrissy and it was way too big. It would fit her now, so I need to find it before it's too late ;)