Monday, February 28, 2011

36 hours in Texas

Brant had a few days off last week and on a whim we tossed around the thought of going on a trip.  The best place to go on a moment's notice?  Our standby is to Grapevine, Texas - to visit the Harrison grandparents of course!  A few notes of interest (including a few of our usuals):

-Discovering a cute shop on the B concourse in the Atlanta airport called Savannah's Candy Kitchen

-A turbulent - very turbulent - last half of the flight there.  Good thing I didn't have any cookies because I just might of tossed them.  Savannah, on the other hand handled it like like a pro. We think she actually enjoyed it.

-Papa Murphys Vegetarian pizza (its better than you would think!)

- Walks in the evening around the neighborhood in perfect weather (Brant & me)

-A walk in the stroller around the neighborhood with Grammy (Savannah)

- Watching Disney's Tangled and using the AMC gift that has been burning a hole in my wallet since I got it as a christmas gift 3 years ago (the closest AMC theaters have been at least over an hour drive from where ever we've lived)

-A walk around Grapevine Mills Mall - including a stop at the eyebrow threading kiosk

- Hitting golf balls at the driving range - and then better yet softballs at the batting cages

- Grilled Salmon dinner with drumstick ice cream cones

- Checking out Carter's (we don't have one here) and Old Navy

- A much smoother flight on the 7am departure back.  Arriving in ATL 25 min early *almost* forgave for the turbulent ride there.


Joyce said...

I LOVE Savannah Candy Kitchen:) They have one on river street in Savannah. Candy Apples and Gophers are the BEST:)

Joleen said...

I just had Papa Murph's vegetarian pizza the other day. I will back up all claims on how delicious it is.

Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

I love that you are bloggin again! I missed you.

Nancy said...

Wow! We loved your visit, but it sounds even better in a BLOG! Come again soon!!!