Friday, March 18, 2011

Tots Travel Too

Now that we are moving from the infant traveling stage and into the toddler traveling stage, I'm adjusting my approach to taking off with a little one in tow as Brant and I plan our spring/summer family get aways.

And until Savannah is big enough to haul her own suitcase, I'm still limited to fitting both of our stuff into one carry one and looking for the easiest/ most efficient ways to travel.  I've read a number of articles about traveling with kids, but they all seem pretty bogus (i.e. "ask you husband to help with your kids so that you don't have to do it alone.") ....seriously?

Anyways, has anyone tried these carseat travel boosters?  Or any thoughts on these travel high chairs?  


Val said...

When Bradshaw was an infant we bought the GoGo Kidz Travelmate (the exact one you linked too.)
Life saver. Worth every penny and more.
It has securely attached to every car seat we've owned.
Initially, I pushed Bradshaw in the rolling car seat ahead of me and pulled my carry-on behind me with Olivia in the baby carrier.
Now that they're bigger, Bradshaw normally walks and Olivia goes in the rolling car seat. If they are tantrum-ing, they get strapped into the car seat side-by-side. (Can ya tell I love the GoGo Kidz.)
I was trying to recall the exact number but we flown this way, sans Daddy, about 20 times.

Nancy said...

Val sounds like the voice of experience. You go girl!

Eve said...

I've seen the travel high chair before and it seems pretty cool, but there is one I've seen before that looks fairly easy to sew and it has no clasps- it just wraps around them and the chair