Friday, November 12, 2010

While we were still dating

Brant and I took a road trip from Provo, Utah to Dallas, Texas via Payson, AZ where Brant's grandparents live and to stop for the night. That same evening we went fora jog down to the local park and pond where we enjoyed the summer night weather. Who would have thought that over four years later that we would return to that pond as a family of three! Although not under ideal circumstances (Grandpa Harrison will be missed) we really enjoyed the time we spent there last week.

Look for more pictures of our Arizona trip from last week on Savannah's blog.
And what's a trip to Arizona without a visit to Cambi - and feeding the ducks?

And a nice little nature walk.

Three kids later and still just as I remember her. Until next time my friend!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Just because

this blog hasn't seen an update for almost two months... here's some Halloween pictures! Halloween was really low key this year with just the ward potato bar and trunk or treat on Saturday - but really fun to see Savannah and all of her little ward friends dressed up!

Our little wingless fairy (or ballerina with headpiece... take your pick)
Isn't she getting so big?!

And since last year we ran out of candy from snacking on it while we waited for trick or treaters, (sad that we've since become known to the neighborhood kids as the house that ran out of candy) I came up with a fool proof plan of giving out the nice hotel shampoos & lotions that Brant brings me home from all his trips! I think it's way better to be the car trunk/ house that gives out hotel lotions than the car trunk/ house that runs out of candy!

Hope you liked it trunk or treaters - because your getting it next year too! mwa-haha!