Monday, March 7, 2011

Three things I love this week

This is a new staple to the diaper bag.  No sugar added and found in the produce section. Maybe I buy them in bulk.

Consignment sales!  Tis the season for these two day sales and I had my first experience of selling at a local one over the weekend for the spring/summer season.  Loved what I bought and loved what I sold.  And this upcomming weekend I'll be consigning/ buying at this one.

Thin Mints, of course - and Peanut Butter Patties (Tagalongs?) are my favorite.  
In all honesty, Carmel DeLites (Samoas?) were never really a favorite.  Good thing I know a girl scout or two - it made it easy to track down these cookies this year.

By the way, Girl Scout cookies was kind of a big deal for us growing up.  My mom was the cookie chair of our troop and our garage would be stacked to the ceiling with cases of cookies around this time of year.  This is picture perfect of how I remember doing booth sales - with a card table outside of a hardware store (dads are suckers for cookies, you know).

Well, maybe I wasn't Asian or a brunette.  Nor did I get to wear a giant cookie.


Shannon said...

The Asians were Anohla and Aileen. And I think it was Home Depot where we had the most luck? I guess knockin' all those doors ended up being good mission prep...

Mom said...

Do you remember learning how to shift for me because we had to use Dad's car to pick up a load of cookies and I had a broken arm at the time? You were all of 12 and did a fabulous job. It wasn't a Home Depot, and I can't remember the California name for the place, but we sure sold a lot of cookies out there.

Sherwoods said...

Pretty sure Tagalongs ARE the best!So yummy. Hope you guys are doing great!