Monday, March 28, 2011

Boys will be Boys

We've got a small crowd of out of town family visiting for a coupla days. I am in charge of food; Brant is over entertainment. And at this very moment I think all the boys are giddy in the backyard being entertained with the compound bow while us girls stay inside and visit.

On a side note, don't these touch screen fountain drink dispensers look cool? Kind of a cross between a stainless steel fridge and/or front load washing machine. Be on the look out for these at your local restaurants.  We found them when we toured the World of Coca-Cola this morning.

Some of us may still be coming down from a sugar rush from the all you can drink soda.  If you've been to the World of Coke, you know what I'm taking about.


Linsey said...

They've had those touch screen drink dispensers in the downtown SLC Cafe Rio for almost a year now. They're pretty cool!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the visit!

amanda said...

How typical, Justin and AK hiding from the camera and Ted with his glasses. HA. Hope you all had a fun time!