Monday, July 23, 2012

Annual Garden Post: The Best Yet

Scaling back on gardening space when we moved from Georgia to Texas year last year didn't discourage  Brant when it came planting season.  In fact, this avid gardener was actually excited for the challenge to reconfigure his plants to fit in our (much smaller) Texas backyard.  Leaving behind the square foot garden boxes and trellis, he went back to the drawing board and this year he planted in regular ol' pots - or whatever else he could plant in (remember his first garden here).

And the perseverance has been paying off!

It may be a smaller garden than in years past, but its thriving and the best one he's had in the five years we've been married.  Not that he has gone it alone, though.  With the help of some little helping fingers (who quickly learned that we only pick the red tomatoes) in our kitchen counter top basket there is now an ongoing fresh harvest supply of cherry tomatoes, okra, bell peppers, green onions, banana peppers, and jalapeno peppers.

Hats off to a hard working father/daughter gardening duo!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Best. Holiday. Ever.

The day after Ryleigh's baby blessing (see here) and the excitement of the sparkler fruitcake, we packed our car and headed up to Dallas for 4th of July festivities that included an excited Savannah getting her swim on, mouthwatering BBQ ribs (I'm thinking those are a must for every BBQ going forward) and a magnificent firework display that concluded an hour long wait in the local Kroger parking lot (hey, it was the best place to stake out if we wanted to make a quick exit afterwards).

And maybe one year I'll be able to decide on just one 4th of July outfit.  But until then - and for as long as they let me dress them - these cuties will be changing in and out of red, white, & blue all the day dong long.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Not Your Mom's Fruitcake

Thanks to Pinterest - and my sister who headed up the project - we were able to celebrate a birthday (Brant's 30th), a baby blessing (sweet baby Ryleigh's) and a holiday (4th of July) all in one weekend and all in one melon/strawberry/blueberry/kiwi cake:

What are those sticks coming out of the cake, you ask?  Just some sparklers.  It was a really fun cake -but word to the wise?  If you don't want to smoke out your home and all your guests that have come to help celebrate, then it's best to light a cake with sparklers.... outside.