Thursday, March 22, 2012

More like "Icky!"

It's the simple things- like when you are at the doctor's office with your two year old when she spots the Biohazard sign and exclaims "Mickey!" 

...that make you really laugh.

Is this girl going to be an ace at spotting hidden Mickey's around Disney World or what?

Saturday, March 17, 2012


I hope to visit Chicago on St. Patty's Day to see it when their river is dyed green.  In the same way I'd like to someday be in Times Square to watch the ball drop for New Years, or be in Washington DC to watch the fireworks extravaganza that happens every year on the 4th of July.

But until then, Savannah and I will be sporting our green ensembles and spend the afternoon baking these mint brownies, eating frozen green grapes, and making leprechaun traps around the house.

And then I'm pretty sure that after Brant comes home this evening and we've had dinner - complete with our mint chocolate chip shakes for dessert- that I will be spending the rest of the night coming down from an extreme sugar high.  Love these holidays!

Monday, March 5, 2012

It was a pretty day in Texas

The multi acre Mercer Botanic Gardens could possibly top our list of favorite places around town at the moment (so could the gym which explains our choice of clothing this morning).  

Brant's favorite?  Pretty much any of the plants and colors (being the avid gardener he is).  My favorite?  Enjoying time together as a little family in the beautiful weather.  Savannah's favorite?  The turtles lined up sun bathing on the wood log in the pond along with the brightly colored fishies. ("How many fishies do you see?" "!")  

And yes, I  know we're going to pay for this beautiful 73 degree sunny weather come summer time...but let's not think about that right now!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Babymoom - Galveston Style

So....Galveston Beach!

It's a pretty neat place and makes for a great overnight trip when it's just the two of you.  And when you go during the week in late February, you can plan on having the city to yourselves!  Some of our favorites:

-Driving into town and seeing the huge Carnival Cruise ship a block away loading up passengers

-A hit and miss with booking the night stay at the Coastal Dreams Bed & Breakfast.  Apparently they need more than a moments notice so they can be ready to book your room.  

- But then not feeling so bad about the B&B when we got a room here on ther 10th floor with a full ocean view

- Walking down the beach with our lunch packed away in a picnic basket.  Good thing my husband is an Eagle Scout- it takes some skillz to build a small fire on the beach and get the kettle water hot enough to whistle.  Beach fire boiling water makes for some great marshmallow caramel hot chocolate in the unforgiving coastal wind.

- Catching an afternoon showing of The Great Storm at Pier 21.

- Taking the hotel staff's recommendation of eating dinner at Shrimp 'N Stuff.
You know it's good when it's where the locals hang.

- Stopping at Ben & Jerry's after dinner for a Banana Split.  I think they call it a split for more than just the banana part.  You really need to split it with someone else because it's got that much sugar!

-  Stopping to watch a surfer kite surfing in the waves.

- Sleeping in over luxurious king bed with perfect down comforter while sleeping in the next morning 

- Eating a super delicious buffet breakfast at the hotel.  Not that anything on the buffet was out of the ordinary... it was just really good food.

- Stopping at a souvenir shop and saying to Brant "I think it'd be really cool to have one of those old fashion boat steering wheels in a miniature size as a souvenir Christmas ornament.  And then finding that exact thing there.

- Seagul and dolphin watching while riding the ferry (drive onto the ferry and ride with your car with you?  ok!) 

- Taking one last stroll around the old town Galveston before heading back home.

- Pulling over at a DSW to pick us up each a pair of new shoes.

-Coming home to a happy toddler who was really sad to see her Grandma leave after being showered with lots and lots of attention while mom & dad were away.