Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend wrap

Friday Evening: Since Brant had thought that he might be on a trip that night, I made plans with Lacy and Amara for dinner in Atlanta at the Old Spaghetti Factory. Not sure if each OSF is custom to the town its in, but the moment we walked through the front doors, it was a very Phantom of the Opera-ish feeling with fancy chandeliers, overstuffed velvet chairs, and dim lighting. So cute and fun!

Saturday early morning: My mom and I headed over to a baby consignment sale- the kind that only happens twice a year and the prices are so low, that the sale only lasts a couple of hours before being completely wiped out of inventory (the really good stuff only lasts for about the first 5-7 minutes after they open). I picked up this sweet rocker for a few bucks-

Of course my intention was for this to be in the baby's room, but Brant really likes it- especially when its raining outside and he can sit and watch the rain fall on the trees through the window. It has become his choice of seating over the couches.

Saturday afternoon: When we moved to Georgia, I was pretty sure that we wouldn't have nearly as many out of town visitors. After all, Utah is a pretty convenient place to live for family and friends that come into town and need a place to stay when dropping off missionaries, kids at BYU, weddings, mission reunions, etc. My thoughts were, "Who really just 'happens' to be in Georgia and wants to visit?" But to my surprise, we've already had two visitors in less than a month that just happened to be in Atlanta!

Over the weekend, our friends Laci and Todd were in town from Utah for work. While Todd was in seminars Saturday afternoon, I took Laci to the World of Coke in Atlanta. Since Coke was originated in Atlanta, its a pretty big thing here. The World of Coke is a museum all about the history of Coke- complete with a 3D show (comparable to a Bug's Life at DisneyWorld), a HUGE coke souvenier shop, and- the best part- a room of all you can drink fountain drinks with several stations of over 60 different types of Coke from around the world!

Old fashioned soda fountain replica

Only a very few of the different decorative coke bottles

Some weird furry dogs with big heads, no eyes, and huge lips which must be one of the mascots for the World of Coke museum...

With all the different cultures, some of the Coke flavors can be very different around the globe. I think Laci liked this one called Beverly that's made in Italy ;) (Click on the photo for the full effect of that expression on her face!)

Saturday Evening: Bummer that the Braves were out of town this weekend or else we would have all gone to the game on Saturday. So instead we met up for dinner at the Waffle House (we wanted Laci and Todd to have the full southern experience- they had never heard of the Waffle House) before dropping them back off at the hotel.

See how fun it is to visit Atlanta? Come visit any time anyone :)

Sunday: While sitting in church, learned that one of the missionaries was just transferred into the area- and this one was from Brant's ward back in Texas. Such a small world! Afterwards, headed to the hospital to visit my 18 year old brother who's back in the hospital for a 3rd time this summer with complications and kidney stones. Poor kid!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

Braves Game and Golf Carts

Friday evening: Brant, along with a couple of my good high school friends Lacy and Amara, headed to the Braves game. I will never get tired of going to Braves games. And the rain even waited until the top of the 9th inning before making an appearance and causing a rain delay. One of the highlights was seeing a man who was there celebrating his 102nd birthday on the jumbo screen. He even did a little dance. Impressive.

Saturday afternoon: another good friend from high school Joyce (and her cute family) hosted a bbq. If your not familiar with Peachtree City, Georgia- then you will love this (and maybe think its a little odd) but- since golfing is big in PTC, all through the city there are also golf cart paths. It's a totally normal thing to drive your golf cart to the grocery store, school, church, work, etc. Some folks have even built mini garages onto their homes specifically for their golf carts. And since Joyce lives in PTC and has a gold cart, she let us give it a spin!

Notice the aviator glasses above here...

Warning: golf cart crossing!

Notice even the cute little stop signs they have at the intersections of the road and a cart path.

Yep, Brant definately liked the golf cart (and me too!)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Another year bites the dust...

Hanging out cave style between brother Adam and sister Shannon (around 1987 or '88)

After a birthday breakfast, we'll be spending the day making a first offer on our favorite home find and then heading to Turner Field this evening for the Braves vs. Marlins game.

Looking forward to a great day!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lovin it

Earlier this week we made a quick stop to CVS Pharmacy to pick up noise protectant ear plugs (Brant has been demolishing a bathroom at my mom's house and it gets pretty loud with the sledge hammer).

He didn't realize it at the moment, but as he pulled into an empty parking spot, I perked up and pointed to the sign above the spot that read "Expectant Moms". Above isn't the exact sign, but since we didn't have a camera on us, this one will do.

After he realized what the sign said, he was hesitant to stay parked there- especially since I'm past 17 weeks with no baby bump in sight. But I thought it was perfect- especially since the sign didn't specify how pregnant or how big your baby bump has to be!

Too bad more places don't have parking spots like these...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our New Fav

If you like The Apprentice (which I loved and even sent in an application video to be on a few years back) then you'll love Shark Tank.

This has become our new favorite entertainment for Sunday evenings. We love to see the ideas that entrepreneurs have come up with and are looking to get off the ground with from the investments from these five 'sharks' (a.k.a self made millionaires)

"Shark Tank depicts negotiations between entrepreneurs and investor 'Sharks.' The Sharks are investing their own money at their discretion. No offer is being made to or solicited from the viewing audience. " -abc

The downside- the show is only an hour long and only comes on once a week!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I've always told Brant that I was putting off decorating until we bought a home. Mostly because, well- I'm just not an interior decorater and plain white walls with plain white blinds on the windows never bothered me.

The closer we get to buying a home (we've narrowed it down to 15 from 43!) the more I'm making myself think about decorating. And when I came across, I thought it was a darling idea - Alphabet or Letter Photography Inspirational phrases and sayings that are made out of photographs of everyday objects and things that are in the shape of the letters.

Such a cute idea which is on my list of future decor now. Now, just have to decide what I want it to say...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Welcome to Atlanta!

After leaving Utah Friday afternoon (July 31), an overnight in Farmington New Mexico, and a 2 day stop in Texas to visit/rest at Brant's folks place (driving a moving truck at 55mph solo across the country can be exhausting for anyone!) we arrived in Georgia- a huge Huge HUGE thanks to Brant's brother Justin (the Utah to Texas leg) and then my sister Shannon (the Texas to Georgia leg) who helped drive our second car out.

As expected, Brant bonded immediately with the moving truck when he picked it up in Utah and was disappointed the day we went to return it in Georgia. I snapped this photo as a momentum for him during the last time he pulled in a gas station to tanker up.

(Photos will be blurry for a while since the focus on my lens broke and I'm in the market for a new lens)

After unpacking the truck and setting up camp, first on the list was a quick visit with Brant's friend Philip (we missed you Megan!) who was in town from Washington D.C. for work. We wanted him to have a very authentic Atlanta experience, so we took him to eat at the Varsity in Atlanta located across the street from Georgia Tech.

Next order of business: a Braves game and find a house! we're in temporary place until then.

P.S. While in Texas we stopped by the Grapevine Mills Mall where I had my eyebrows threaded for the first time. It was fast, clean, and way better than waxing or tweezing- I'd recommend it if you get the chance.