Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Chick-fil-a is cool

(From google images. I have no clue who that guy is)

Chick-fil-a is such a neat, family oriented company. One of my visiting teachers works at the Chick-fil-a headquarters and invited us to come for lunch and a tour of the corporate office yesterday.

Wow. It was almost like going to DisneyWorld.

After arriving on the beautiful Chick-fil-a campus (surrounded by waterfalls, walking trails, and colorful flowers) we were first lead downstairs to eat lunch in the classy cafeteria (we felt a little out of place in our jeans and t shirts) where every day Chick-fil-a provides free (breakfast and) lunch for their almost 600 employees of their headquarters.

Talk about taking care of their employees! Not only do they feed their employees delicious meals, but they let their employees invite their family and friends in to eat for free as well. After lunch Heloisa took us to tour the (really nice) employee wellness center that included workout facilities, a racquetball court, lockers, and showers, the test kitchen where new menu items are thought up, the antique cars around every corner (they even have one of the original 3 batmobiles that was used in Batman Begins!) and even Truett Cathy's office! (He was out of town, so we didn't get to meet him personally). They've also got a neat DayCare in the building so that working parents can visit their children at any time of the day.

Everyone was also super nice to us and welcoming as we walked around in awe. If I were looking for a job, I'd definately start looking here first!

Truett Cathy's office. You can't see it in this photo, but there's an adjoining room that acts as kind of his living room with a TV and couch (among other things). Heloisa says its where Truett takes naps since he's gotten to be a little old man - he's 89 and still comes to work. So cute!

The tour was complete with Chick-fil-a signature shakes waiting for us on the wayout!

Thanks so much Heloisa!! (oops- we caught this shot with someone's eyes closed!)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Attn: Everyone who is traveling this Summer

Head over here to design your own free luggage tags, courtesy of KLM Airlines. They may add you to their e-newsletter list, but you can always unsubscribe from it later.

Upload a photo of your own, or choose from their selection. They are giving these out (with free shippping, even) until they are gone and there are still over 37,000 left. Order as a gift for someone else, and they'll deliver it to their doorstep too.

I've never flown KLM (and probably never will), but I once saw one of their crews that had just arrived from overseas that were walking through the Atlanta airport. I may have been in a little awe of how polished and sharp looking the entire (huge) flight crew were in their teal blue uniforms. They practically walk in formation too.

Happy traveling!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Winner, Winner!!

At 12:30pm (ET) today picked the following two winners of these sweet reusable totes:
Commenter #16
Commenter #7

Congratulations Joyce and Kristen for being the newest owners of these stylish totes! I'll e-mail you the details!

If you didn't win, stay tuned - I've got another fun post comming up on Monday. One where everyone is a winner :)

P.S. FYI - That would be a former co-worker also named Kristen. Come on now - did you really think I'd enter my own giveaway??

Monday, April 12, 2010

The good stuff

Remember when I did this giveaway back in 2008?

Well guess what...

It's time for another one :)

The reusable totes that I gaveaway last time were cute, but they were a bit on the big and bulky side. And after awhile, the majority of the time I would forget to grab mine on the way out the door to the grocery store (which isn't super encouraging when your trying to do your part to save the the way, Earth week starts next week)

I've since found these sweet reusable totes from Bath & Body Works - I love the material because it rolls up with a snap and fits right in my purse. So even if I find myself on an improptu shopping trip, I've still got my reusable tote with me.

Plus, these bright colors and patterns are fun for spring and summer. The checkers usually get a kick out of it when I hand them my rolled up bag to use for my groceries.

So, I'm giving away at random two of these cute bags - one for each winner. That means there will be two winners!

All you have to do for a chance to win one of these fashionable totes is leave a comment so I know you want it.

That's all.

None of that "Leave a comment to enter, leave two comments if your a follwer of my blog, leave 3 comments if you follow me on facebook, leave 4 comments if you tweet about this giveaway, blah, blah, blah "- because those kind of giveaways are annoying.

This is just a dinky little blog (its not like Bath & Body Works sent me these to give away as a sponsor. I just like them and want someone else to have them too), so you've got a good shot at winning. Well, at least better than those giveaways where there are hundres, if not thousands, of comments.

And since Savannah's 3 month birthday is this Friday - and I like giving things away on birthdays - you have until this Friday April 16 at 12:23 pm to enter (Well, she was born at 12:23 am but I'm not planning on being awake at that time).

Check back then and see if you've won :)
And I'll even mail it all the way to Alaska if you win.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Why yes, Dale Murphy

I'll come meet you at Turner Stadium on August 2 for MORMON NIGHT!!
Which happens to be on a Monday evening - how appropriate.

Let me give you the details (if your blessed to live in the Atlanta area) just in case you can't see this flier that Brant received from the BYU alumni association:

Braves vs. Mets
Mon Aug 2nd at 7pm

-Bring your family to Mormon Night
-Brief meet-and-greet with Dale Murphy in the RF pation at 5pm
-Join the pre-game parade around the field at 6pm
-Dale Murphy scheduled to throw out the first pitch
Contact Anthony McClendon for ticket at 404.614.1401 or email

Are you as excited as I am?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Blogging Comeback

My blogging comeback has begun! I betcha thought I'd forgotten - I don't blame you. People used to tell me that they liked my blog.

Then after a dry spell of posting, people asked when I was going to update my blog.

Then after even more time passed, people stopped asking at all.


So it's back to business - with the first order of business being Our Little One :) What that means is (even though her name is in the header above) that you won't find many more pictures or updates of baby Savannah on this blog - you'll have to head over here.

But not so fast.

Because it's a private blog (insert groan here). Private blogs wouldn't be nearly so annoying if blogger would pick up the feed and tell us when people have updated their private blogs. That way you don't go scrolling down to click on the link of a private blog, only to enter your email and password - only to find out that they haven't updated their blog.

Because of that, this blog will still continue and I'll still be posting to it - but Our Little One will generally just be baby photos, updates, and milestones about Savannah for those that are interested. And its a way for me to post pictures and videos for Brant to see his little girl while he's on trips without me draining the battery in my phone sending the same pictures and videos to him via cell.

Anyways - you know the routine. Leave a comment/email/Facebook/text your deets (as in your email address) and you'll get the all exclusive access to the Our Little One blog (which includes never before seen photos and cool things) about our baby Savannah. Yes, that means when you send me your email address that you'll be in the cool club too.

See ya over there!