Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lock & Load 'em

Nope - that's not a high school band trombone you see.  Guess again.

Yesterday we went down to the shooting range where Brant could fire his .12 gauge and .22 riffle (that have been collecting dust) to his heart's content.

Side note: you got me on what the difference with these guns are.  Maybe guns to me can be compared with purses to men - no one can understand why you need more than just one!

First on the agenda- clay pigeons with the .12 gauge.  Don't let this guy fool ya - he has a great eye!

I may have shot a clay pigeon or two myself (...okay, maybe one).

Then shooting targets with the .22 riffle after that.  Yep, a bullseye shot by me onto my target.
For the record, Brant may have been able to hit more pigeons, but I was the one who could hit the bullseye on the target.

(love ya, hon! had fun!)


Wilson's said...

Fun!! Derrick just went out and did the same thing (shot gun, rifle, and his new handgun)! I tried out the handgun, and did terrible. I don't think I even hit the target. :) We should include skeet shooting for you next visit. :)

Joyce said...

Oh Justin will be sooooo jealous!

Ree-ch said...

I want to get reed a gun, we want to go shooting sometime too. I have never been good at the clay pigeons though, I prefer handguns best.

Val said...

Holy cannoli, Dustinn never knew this was one of Brant's interests. I have to admit I'm petrified of guns. I think if I ever pulled a trigger the gun would gain a mind of it's own and fire at me. Yes, very scared of guns.

Joleen said...

You look great. And Brant looks like he could be that guy on X-Men with the red glasses. Is his name cyclops?

Eve said...

Uh-oh! I see a future home teaching activity. Adam loves to shoot- he used to own a glock, but it was seriously not the easiest for me to use as a home protection method. I could just see me, "Hold on! Stay where you are," fighting with gun, "As soon as I get this gun cocked, you're in trouble!!"