Monday, February 28, 2011

36 hours in Texas

Brant had a few days off last week and on a whim we tossed around the thought of going on a trip.  The best place to go on a moment's notice?  Our standby is to Grapevine, Texas - to visit the Harrison grandparents of course!  A few notes of interest (including a few of our usuals):

-Discovering a cute shop on the B concourse in the Atlanta airport called Savannah's Candy Kitchen

-A turbulent - very turbulent - last half of the flight there.  Good thing I didn't have any cookies because I just might of tossed them.  Savannah, on the other hand handled it like like a pro. We think she actually enjoyed it.

-Papa Murphys Vegetarian pizza (its better than you would think!)

- Walks in the evening around the neighborhood in perfect weather (Brant & me)

-A walk in the stroller around the neighborhood with Grammy (Savannah)

- Watching Disney's Tangled and using the AMC gift that has been burning a hole in my wallet since I got it as a christmas gift 3 years ago (the closest AMC theaters have been at least over an hour drive from where ever we've lived)

-A walk around Grapevine Mills Mall - including a stop at the eyebrow threading kiosk

- Hitting golf balls at the driving range - and then better yet softballs at the batting cages

- Grilled Salmon dinner with drumstick ice cream cones

- Checking out Carter's (we don't have one here) and Old Navy

- A much smoother flight on the 7am departure back.  Arriving in ATL 25 min early *almost* forgave for the turbulent ride there.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How do ya like 'dem bum ruffles?

Like I suspect most babies are, S is curious and loves to be involved with whatever Brant is up to around the house and yard. Isn't that camo outfit fun? The front has a little deer and says "Daddy's Little Deer"

By the way, this 12 month photo of her is entered in a fun little contest.  
And she'll love you forever if you vote for her by Feb 28th :)

To vote: 
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Photo by Debbie

Monday, February 21, 2011

24 hours in Sacramento

A few weeks ago one of my friends posted a picture of their new house on FB.  I made a comment asking which window is ours for when we come visit.  She commented back saying our room would be the one facing their "perfectly manicured backyard".  We had to check it out, so off we went to California!

Our Valentine's trip to Sacramento (in chronological order):

- Chatting with friends on Facebook and watching HGTV from 33,000 feet in the sky

- The railroad museum (my favorite part was the Costal Ridge cart...way to travel in style)

- A walk through Old Town Sacramento

- Walking around the Delta King ship

- Free taffy and candy at the candy shop

- Dinner at Joe's Crab shack

- A walk around California's capital building

- Lots of chatting and meeting Kelly's husband

- Watching Secretariat on the way home

-Coming home to a happy Savannah... we think she had too much fun with Grandma while we were gone and suspect that we missed her more than she missed us!

- Oh wait...and a purple toilet in their neighborhood too.  That was weird.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Over the river & thru the woods

She's all packed with her pj's on and ready to head to Grandma's for the night. 
And the night after that. 
Here's to a Valentines getaway trip to Sacramento, CA.

We miss her already.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Quiet Friday afternoon =

New sunglasses and a sparkle wand.

That's the last time we go shopping when I'm bored. 

Dang you Old Navy.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Luggage for Little People

I'm pretty sure that Savannah's first suitcase will be a trunki.  What little traveler wouldn't love waiting in the airport with a cute little suit case that has wheels that you can ride around (the strap is even long enough for parents to pull like a wagon too)  It's carry on size approved which makes it especially perfect for us standbys.

Thanks for the babble post, JF. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

What'll Ya Have?

When you go to the Varsity restaurant in Atlanta, you do it for the experience (not the meal because its overpriced and greasy. But we all pretend not to notice that).

Doesn't Savannah look captivated by this Varsity burger? Good for us - it kept her distracted from the fact that she is not wearing her little pants anymore - but my sweater tied around her waist.

Here's to keeping an extra set of clothes on hand for those leaky blow outs that we all love :)
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I now carry this

Not because we have pets, but because we have a baby (toddler?  wow, that sounds weird)
With my pint sized lint roller, gone are the days when I'm down on my hands & knees picking up individual crumbs after my baby/toddler in church or out at a restaurant - a tip I recently received.


What didn't I think of that?

P.S.  The link to 12 month pictures is now up on Our Little One's blog.