Friday, November 12, 2010

While we were still dating

Brant and I took a road trip from Provo, Utah to Dallas, Texas via Payson, AZ where Brant's grandparents live and to stop for the night. That same evening we went fora jog down to the local park and pond where we enjoyed the summer night weather. Who would have thought that over four years later that we would return to that pond as a family of three! Although not under ideal circumstances (Grandpa Harrison will be missed) we really enjoyed the time we spent there last week.

Look for more pictures of our Arizona trip from last week on Savannah's blog.
And what's a trip to Arizona without a visit to Cambi - and feeding the ducks?

And a nice little nature walk.

Three kids later and still just as I remember her. Until next time my friend!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Just because

this blog hasn't seen an update for almost two months... here's some Halloween pictures! Halloween was really low key this year with just the ward potato bar and trunk or treat on Saturday - but really fun to see Savannah and all of her little ward friends dressed up!

Our little wingless fairy (or ballerina with headpiece... take your pick)
Isn't she getting so big?!

And since last year we ran out of candy from snacking on it while we waited for trick or treaters, (sad that we've since become known to the neighborhood kids as the house that ran out of candy) I came up with a fool proof plan of giving out the nice hotel shampoos & lotions that Brant brings me home from all his trips! I think it's way better to be the car trunk/ house that gives out hotel lotions than the car trunk/ house that runs out of candy!

Hope you liked it trunk or treaters - because your getting it next year too! mwa-haha!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When we travel

We pack light.

It's the only way to go since we only take carry ons with us when we fly (we gate check the car seat or bring it on board if there's an extra seat in the row). And since we now travel with an infant, I pack for two- in the same carry on that I used to pack for one- and I'm always looking for ideas to pack more efficiently. Here's the top three that I've found:

(1) pack your baby's clothes by the day in ziplock bags.

This is great because not only does it keep your carry on bag neat and organized (like if you get lucky and TSA wants to search your bag) but the air can be squished out of the ziplock bag (you know what I mean) to create even more room in your carry on. I liked the idea so much that I even did it with gallon sized bags for my clothes.

(2) Roll your diapers tight. In the past, I usually packed just a few for the trip over and then bought more once we got to the place we were going. But since we recently received some diapers that were originally part of a diaper cake, I kept them rolled up and stuck them down the bag wherever there was a pocket of space. This worked great because they stay rolled tight and didn't get smashed or loose their shape at the bottom of the bag.

Which left us with feeding while on the flight. (3) And this is my favorite: the bazooka of all baby spoons, aka the Boon Squirt! Before we leave for the airport, I pour a jar of baby food into the handle of the spoon (ours is a bright pink) and wha-la! A no mess, easy handling feeding ready to go when it was time. Which also works great because the spoon never needs to leave the baby's mouth- just a continuous squirt (which is a bonus for us since Savannah gets impatient when we don't spoon fast enough for her!)

In the end, I was able to pack into one carry on (that fit under the seat in front):

  • 4 days of outfits (including Sunday dresses & pajamas) for both Savannah and I

  • 4 days worth of diapers & wipes

  • A pair of dress shoes for me

  • Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Shower gel/ make up

  • My flat iron

  • A church shirt for Brant (who was meeting us down in Texas after his trip)

  • My bulky SLR camera

  • A light weight baby blanket plus baby sleep sack

  • A (small) diaper bag with toys and baby food that also doubled as a purse

And I had room to spare.

Time for take off!

I know there are more out there that travel with infants- what are your packing secrets as well??

P.S. Look for Texas pictures on Savannah's blog- they are all mainly of her!

Friday, September 3, 2010


....where did it go?

Or better yet, what did we do for the last half of it??

For starters, we went to the Braves game on Mormon Night.

The big Braves drum
Cousins... they really do like each other, I promise!

Wide awake till the 7th inning stretch
Home Depot's top of the inning tool race. The paintbrush won.

What a fun game- time for bed!
Up next: Texas Trip and expert plane carry-on packing for two!

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Want to hear a secret?

You see that white stuffed bunny with the pink ears sitting in the corner of the crib? That's the one- behind the mushroom mobile.

I'm pretty sure that when I put Savannah down for a nap and then walk out of the room that it comes alive and entertains her. I haven't actually caught the bunny in its "live" form because every time I walk back into the room, it hurries and goes back to sitting in the same form that it was when in when I walked out of the room.

But I can't think of many other reasons why Savannah would be so content to just lay down awake in her crib (like she is as I type this) for long periods of time in the afternoon trying to take a nap as I hear happy baby squeels/ talking/ singing comming from her room.

Yeah, pretty sure it comes alive ;)
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby's First 5K

One of the goals that I have for our little family (besides taking lots of pictures) is to live a really active lifestyle. I'm not really a big runner nor did I run cross country in high school or college or anything, but its the one thing that everyone can do as a family and is a low maintenance sport. Back when we were picking out our stroller before Savannah was born, we went for the one (and only) jogging stroller travel system that we could find (by the way- are you listening stroller makers? your missing the mark here - we need more options of jogging stroller travel systems please!)

Last Saturday we woke up early and headed up to North Atlanta to participate in the annual Clydes Run. This was a special 5K because it is held yearly on Clyde May's birthday - someone I've never met, but who died from complications of Prader-Willi Syndrome. If you aren't familiar with Prader-Willi Syndrome (which you most likely aren't because it's not common) go here.

Matthew, our one year old nephew (born six months before Savannah) has PWS and we all ran to show our support.

Matthew's fan club at the start line- minus a few that didn't make it in the photo (like me who was the photographer)
The course was set up to run a 5K, but was also set up with a shorter course for folks that wanted to complete the 1 mile walk. I really enjoy these kind of 5Ks because everyone is running with a purpose- or for someone. It's not a competive run and you see lots of folks along the course who are just trying to support the cause and make it to the finish line. We especially noticed the 60-something old man who was running with his dog, wheezing the whole way, but determined to finish.

I let Brant have the opportunity to be in all the pictures this time! A funny side note - at the end of the run Deahl thanked us for comming to support Matthew and Brant automaticaly replied "Yeah- no sweat!" Then he thought about it for a second and realized that was kind of a lie - there was a lot of sweat!

And this sweet litte guy is Matthew! With his dad (my brother Adam and his wife Deahl - we all wore those buttons with Matthew's picture on them.)

A group picture after the run of about half of all the participants. When we were running I noticed a girl that couldn't have been more than 6 years old (running a 5k!) with her mom. She was sweating, determined, and oh so cute with her determination (and her adorable skirt running outfit). I hope Savannah and I will be running like that one day! But in the meantime we'll look forward to pushing her in the joggling stroller and look forward to running again in it next year!

Monday, July 5, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

And since it fell on a Sunday this year, we got to celebrate both the Saturday before and on Sunday. It's July 5th now, but we're still celebrating at the Harrison House - Savannah is now in her third 4th of July outfit.

Plus, we're celebrating with the extra pretzel sparklers that I made to share for the Independance Day bbq's that were going on.
Not to be a downer on other holidays, but I think I heard it said perfectly at church yesterday - that Independance Day is such a great holiday because you don't worry about presents or crowded shopping malls. Just lots of food and good times with family& friends.

Friday, July 2, 2010

I won! I won!

To see what I'm talking about, go here.

Yes, it was bold of me.

Yes, you can laugh.

YES - a fair warning that it might make you blush!!

And YES - it's all worth it for what I get!!

But you better hurry before Brant sees this post and wants me to take it down.

I mean, it's already online for the world to see, so I might as well share the good news on my blog, right?!?
(And yes, I need a tan!)

UPDATE: All right, the gig's up (a few hours after I posted this Brant saw it). I took out the hyperlink above, so you'll have to leave me your email so I can send you the link individually if you want to see.

P.S. I got my free photo luggage tags in the mail and they are super cute.
If you haven't already gotten yours, there is still over 20,000 left before the promotion ends!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wasatch Back 2010!

I first heard of the Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay last summer and thought it sounded really neat! If your not familiar with it, it can be thought of as an 188-mile running party (Logan to Park City UT) with 12 best friends. You start running early Friday morning, then all day and all night and through the next morning until you finish. Teams of 12 runners each run three legs of the relay while rocking out to live bands, enjoy wacky participant costumes, and make life-long friends with teammates and competitors. My explanation really doesn't do it justice, but this link will give you more of an idea of it.

So about the time that I was writing this October post last year (and was six months pregnant), my good friend Linsey in Salt Lake City was also putting together a team to enter the 180 mile relay that would take place that summer. When she invited me to join her team I eagerly accepted!

It may have been a little ambitious of me to be so eagar to want to run in this relay, but I can now say that I've done it! In reality, it wasn't the running that was the tough part (I ran three legs of four miles each in about a 26 hour time frame) it was the logistics of flying out to Utah and taking care of/ trying to figure out who to watch her while I ran- 5 month old that nearly killed me! Good thing she's so cute and made it worth it. I'll spare the details, suffice it to say that I think my dear husband is more of a saint now that ever before with how he endlessly supported me completing this and working out the never ending details. And a million thanks to my sister Shannon, my friend Linsey, and Brant's brother and brother's wife Kyle & Amanda for helping me with details and hosting us!

My first four mile leg - your team leap frogs you in the team van while you run to support and give you water.

With part of the team just after finishing my second four mile leg. This was my favorite leg. I had the baton passed to me and started at 9pm and ran for an hour while it got dark. All that was on the road was me, darkess, and the headlamp and reflective vest I was wearing. When I would look behind me, all I could see were the quiet floating lights of the headlamps of the other runners behind me.

On to leg three for me - 9am the next morning to finish my last four mile leg. So maybe I'm not really a natural runner and was a little tired and walking by this point...

But kept on chugging to finish my last leg!

Some of the awesome scenary (notice all the team vans).

And more scenary along the relay (that was our team vehicle - we were team "Huffin and Puffin")

And finished at last! I'll have to photoshop myself into this team photo (duty called as a mother at the time this was taken).

Since Linsey was the only one I knew on the team to begin with, I got to meet some great new friends during the relay. Awesome job ladies - Wasatch Back 2010 was a success!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Annual Garden Post

Meet Brant's gardening Bible.

Brant loves to garden. In fact, I think he secretly wishes he could be a full time gardener. He's at it again this year and his garden is bigger than ever (If you've missed it in years past, see here and here.)

When we first bought our house nine months ago, Brant spent a good deal of time sketching out and plotting our property lines, making a diagram of where his garden would go (similar to what he did with the moving truck in this post). I think he asked me twice a day back then what I thought he should grow. Since then, he has spent hours (and hours) reading his square foot gardening book.

He sketched some more, bought some wood, built some boxes, made some fencing (so the deer don't get it), constructed netting for the tomatoes, planted some seeds, and..... ta-da!

These three boxes above are planted with tomatos, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, cayanne peppers, chives, more tomatos, banana peppers, red potatoes, pineapple sage, onions, head lettuce, leaf lettuce, radish, carrots, chives, squash, cucumber, watermelon, more onions, spicy basil, and celantro.

And here he has string beans, more onions, broccoli, more raddish, more carrots, parsley, more head lettuce, more leaf lettuce, more onions, more carrots, more raddish, sweet basil, and corn.

And then not pictured, but in other spots in the backyard he has rosemary, sweet mint, sage, blueberrys, wild raspberries- and then what I'm excited about for next Halloween - our home grown pumpkins!

It's fun for me to watch him take Savannah out back and show her everything he's growing and teach her all he knows about gardening. We hope she likes it, because I'll be making it into her baby food once it's grown!

Now if we can figure out what is eating all our sweet potatoes...he started with 9 sweet potato plants and now he mysteriously only has one left...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This day three years ago

Three years = 4 different apartments, a move across the country, buying a home, having a baby, travels to Sunny Isles Beach FL, Texas, Georgia, Payson AZ, Sacramento, San Fransisco, St. George UT, Bozeman MT, Denver CO, Hawaii, Long Beach CA, Disneyland twice, DisneyWorld twice, Hollywood, Alaska, Washington DC, Idaho Falls, Rexburg ID and Phoeniz AZ . Here's to many more memories!

Friday, June 4, 2010

10 years...

6/4/00- In Georgia graduated from high school one week ago/getting ready to leave for Ricks in one week
6/4/01- In Orlando working at Walt Disney World
6/4/02- In Rexburg taking summer classes to get ahead
6/4/03- In San Antonio working at Del Sol across the street from the Alamo
6/4/04- In Provo on my mission
6/4/05- In Georgia working for the summer and probably at a Braves game
6/4/06- In Rexburg getting ready to graudate college
6/4/07- In Utah working at KLAS/ getting married in 5 days
6/4/08- In Utah working at KLAS
6/4/09- In Utah working at One on One Marketing
6/4/10- Back in Georgia sitting on my living room couch with a sweet sleeping baby girl remembering the past 10 years!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fam Stick Figures

You know those stick figure decals people put on the back window of their cars (usually minivans or SUVs)?

I never decided if I liked them or if I thought they were too gimicky and cutsey cutesy. But I'm pretty sure that since recently comming across these, that I've decided they're awesome.

Would it be weird to put a stick family on the back of my Honda Accord since we don't drive anything bigger? (I converted Brant to be a Braves fan when we were first married. I even bought him a Braves hat in the Atlanta airport on our way to our honeymoon.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Do you remember

back when you were a lot younger and the books you read/ had read to you?

Brant especially is looking forward to reading bedtime stories and I'm (slowly) starting our collection of small classic children's books. I would love for Savannah to hear the same stories that I/we did when we were younger -something about the nostalgia of reading the same books that I did from over 20 years ago is so appealing to me. It would be fun to find these in an old thrift store- but if I'm going to be realistic, I'll just end up ordering them from online. Off the top of my head, the ones I remember most are-

Help me out - what am I missing?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Renaissance Festival & Texas Trip

Last Saturday we got together with a few couples in the neighborhood (all first time parents and all parents to babies born within 2 months of each other) and went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival.

Clint and Brant in as much costume as it gets. We had apparently picked to go on a weekend when they were having their big Renaissance Costume contests. A lot of the costumes we saw were, uh- creative (to say the least!).

I didn't get a ton of pictures, but we walked around and looked at the different booths and things vendors were selling, watched an acrobat show, ate some fish & chips, and- while we were waiting for the jousting match to start- Brant took a picture of this Renaissance time period ride where people sit in the octagon shaped box and it gets wound up the pole. He thought it was pretty cool and wants to build one in the backyard now (see me in this photo?)

There's nothing hotter than a guy pushing a stroller (right, Jill??)

That evening (and since Brant had a six day break from work) we caught a flight to Texas to visit Ma &Pa Harrison for a few days.

Some cliff notes (since this trip was really just for visiting and down time):

We are pretty big gym goers, but when we moved to Georgia we decided to forego our gym memberships and invest in a WiiFit instead. On the agenda of things to do in Texas was to test out their WiiFit to make sure we still wanted to make the investment (we totally do!!)

Brant snowboarding on the WiiFit

While there we also were able to catch up with Dustinn and Val (and their two super cute kids)

"Hello Oliva and Bradshaw - nice to meet you. My name is Savannah."

Oliva was born about four months before Savannah, and look - already good friends (promise Val didn't stage this pose with Oliva's arm around Savannah!)

I didn't get a ton of pictures on this trip (and we missed getting one with Aunt Shannon), but Savannah is a great traveler and slept the entire flight both to Texas and back.

(and a thank you to Delta for giving us all of row 10 at the front of the plane with all that leg room for both flights. we'd like to do that again!)