Thursday, July 29, 2010


Want to hear a secret?

You see that white stuffed bunny with the pink ears sitting in the corner of the crib? That's the one- behind the mushroom mobile.

I'm pretty sure that when I put Savannah down for a nap and then walk out of the room that it comes alive and entertains her. I haven't actually caught the bunny in its "live" form because every time I walk back into the room, it hurries and goes back to sitting in the same form that it was when in when I walked out of the room.

But I can't think of many other reasons why Savannah would be so content to just lay down awake in her crib (like she is as I type this) for long periods of time in the afternoon trying to take a nap as I hear happy baby squeels/ talking/ singing comming from her room.

Yeah, pretty sure it comes alive ;)
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The Caldwell's said...

awww, that's so cute. I'm jealous you have a baby who just stays in a crib and entertained by herself, or by her bunny rabbit. That must be so nice!
Koe just pushes bottons on his mobile sounds so when I go back in there Mozart is changed to a creepy heart really sounds scary!

She's so pretty!

Suzy said...

I she sitting up in there? I don't think I've seen her do that! That is great that she is so happy when you put her down. Does she do that at night too??

Harrison - Party of Three! said...

Yep- she's a sitter now! If I can get her to bed at just the right moment at night she can fall asleep quietly. But I'll be honest- it's a hit and miss a lot of the time!

Josh said...

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