Thursday, April 16, 2009

Brant's Second Love

Is his garden. And is the first thing he checks on when he comes home after a trip. Over the past couple months, he has spent hours over this garden - going to a gardening class, planning, plotting, planting, researching the best types of seeds, etc.

In fact, one of the reasons we chose the place where we live now is because the owners have three gardening box spaces in their backyard that they don't garden with anymore and loves when their tenants use the space to garden.

I tell him that patience is the number one ingredient for growing a graden, but still- there are times when Brant agonizes over his garden because it doesn't grow fast enough or because its not raining enough (apparently rain water is better than water from the faucet?) I seriously even caught him reading in Jacob 5 (what more can I do for my vineyard?) the other day. hahaha.

He's on a trip right now, but can rest assured- that with the FIVE OR SIX INCHES of snow that we've gotten over the past 24 hours (in this lovely spring month of April), that his garden is getting PLENTY of water.

He's missing the snow AND his garden is getting watered.

What a lucky guy.


Val said...

That is really cool! I never knew that about Brant.
I know you moved apartments but do you live in a different complex than you used to?

Ted;Nancy said...

But I want to know what his first love is ? :)


J+S said...

Maybe Brant and Scott are soul mates. :)

Emily said...

Kristen! How are you? I am glad that you found Ami! My family talks about you all the time! You made such an incredible impact in their lives! I am adding you to my blogger! I can't bring myself to ventur out into the world of my space yet . . . if you guys are ever heading south you HAVE to call my parents! My fam would love to see you again! Thanks for saying hi! Take care!-Emily