Friday, June 4, 2010

10 years...

6/4/00- In Georgia graduated from high school one week ago/getting ready to leave for Ricks in one week
6/4/01- In Orlando working at Walt Disney World
6/4/02- In Rexburg taking summer classes to get ahead
6/4/03- In San Antonio working at Del Sol across the street from the Alamo
6/4/04- In Provo on my mission
6/4/05- In Georgia working for the summer and probably at a Braves game
6/4/06- In Rexburg getting ready to graudate college
6/4/07- In Utah working at KLAS/ getting married in 5 days
6/4/08- In Utah working at KLAS
6/4/09- In Utah working at One on One Marketing
6/4/10- Back in Georgia sitting on my living room couch with a sweet sleeping baby girl remembering the past 10 years!

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The Caldwell's said...

Ya! Good times :) :) You are so lucky to be a Mommy of such a beautiful little girl!

Linsey said...

Makes those days at Del Sol worth it, huh? Just kidding, we had a blast! What a succinct way to remember the last 10 years. Why didn't I do this instead of writing a whole post about each of the last 10 years?

Nancy said...

Oh, how the years go by! Let's look forward to the next 10!!!