Friday, June 11, 2010

Annual Garden Post

Meet Brant's gardening Bible.

Brant loves to garden. In fact, I think he secretly wishes he could be a full time gardener. He's at it again this year and his garden is bigger than ever (If you've missed it in years past, see here and here.)

When we first bought our house nine months ago, Brant spent a good deal of time sketching out and plotting our property lines, making a diagram of where his garden would go (similar to what he did with the moving truck in this post). I think he asked me twice a day back then what I thought he should grow. Since then, he has spent hours (and hours) reading his square foot gardening book.

He sketched some more, bought some wood, built some boxes, made some fencing (so the deer don't get it), constructed netting for the tomatoes, planted some seeds, and..... ta-da!

These three boxes above are planted with tomatos, jalapeno peppers, bell peppers, cayanne peppers, chives, more tomatos, banana peppers, red potatoes, pineapple sage, onions, head lettuce, leaf lettuce, radish, carrots, chives, squash, cucumber, watermelon, more onions, spicy basil, and celantro.

And here he has string beans, more onions, broccoli, more raddish, more carrots, parsley, more head lettuce, more leaf lettuce, more onions, more carrots, more raddish, sweet basil, and corn.

And then not pictured, but in other spots in the backyard he has rosemary, sweet mint, sage, blueberrys, wild raspberries- and then what I'm excited about for next Halloween - our home grown pumpkins!

It's fun for me to watch him take Savannah out back and show her everything he's growing and teach her all he knows about gardening. We hope she likes it, because I'll be making it into her baby food once it's grown!

Now if we can figure out what is eating all our sweet potatoes...he started with 9 sweet potato plants and now he mysteriously only has one left...


Nancy said...

I think the word "Awesome" would not be an overstatement here. Wow! We will definitely have to come see that sometime. :)

Linsey said...

W-O-W!!! Please ask Brant not to judge my garden when you guys see it next week. It's pretty wimpy compared to yours. But maybe he can give me some pointers too!

Ree-ch said...

Sweet garden, I can't wait til we get a house and I can start a garden, right now my patio holds pots but not as fancy as Brant's, nice job.

Sherwood's said...

That's awesome, I bet you can't wait until it's ready to be picked. So yummy! Way to go Brant.