Thursday, July 22, 2010

Baby's First 5K

One of the goals that I have for our little family (besides taking lots of pictures) is to live a really active lifestyle. I'm not really a big runner nor did I run cross country in high school or college or anything, but its the one thing that everyone can do as a family and is a low maintenance sport. Back when we were picking out our stroller before Savannah was born, we went for the one (and only) jogging stroller travel system that we could find (by the way- are you listening stroller makers? your missing the mark here - we need more options of jogging stroller travel systems please!)

Last Saturday we woke up early and headed up to North Atlanta to participate in the annual Clydes Run. This was a special 5K because it is held yearly on Clyde May's birthday - someone I've never met, but who died from complications of Prader-Willi Syndrome. If you aren't familiar with Prader-Willi Syndrome (which you most likely aren't because it's not common) go here.

Matthew, our one year old nephew (born six months before Savannah) has PWS and we all ran to show our support.

Matthew's fan club at the start line- minus a few that didn't make it in the photo (like me who was the photographer)
The course was set up to run a 5K, but was also set up with a shorter course for folks that wanted to complete the 1 mile walk. I really enjoy these kind of 5Ks because everyone is running with a purpose- or for someone. It's not a competive run and you see lots of folks along the course who are just trying to support the cause and make it to the finish line. We especially noticed the 60-something old man who was running with his dog, wheezing the whole way, but determined to finish.

I let Brant have the opportunity to be in all the pictures this time! A funny side note - at the end of the run Deahl thanked us for comming to support Matthew and Brant automaticaly replied "Yeah- no sweat!" Then he thought about it for a second and realized that was kind of a lie - there was a lot of sweat!

And this sweet litte guy is Matthew! With his dad (my brother Adam and his wife Deahl - we all wore those buttons with Matthew's picture on them.)

A group picture after the run of about half of all the participants. When we were running I noticed a girl that couldn't have been more than 6 years old (running a 5k!) with her mom. She was sweating, determined, and oh so cute with her determination (and her adorable skirt running outfit). I hope Savannah and I will be running like that one day! But in the meantime we'll look forward to pushing her in the joggling stroller and look forward to running again in it next year!


Jilly said...

My name is Jill Underwood, I was the Race Director for Clyde's Run. I am so glad to read your blog and so happy to hear you and your family enjoyed the race. Would you mind if I posted a link to your blog on the Clyde's Run facebook page? If not, I totally understand. I am just happy that you all enjoyed the experience and hope you will join us again next year!
Jill Underwood
Clyde's Run 2010, Race Director

Linsey said...

What a great cause to run for! Wish I could have run it with you!

Harrison - Party of Three! said...

Jill- yes, feel free to post a link to the Clyde's Run FB page :)

Nicole said...

what a cool thing to do as a family! I would have recommended the bob for a jogger, you can buy the infant car seat attachment. but you are not suppossed to run with infants in a car seat in a jogger, that is why most stroller don't offer them standard. ya it seems silly, I agree....another one to look at bumbleride indie, lays completely flat and is really cushiony, also comes standard with a car seat adaptor...what kind do you have?

Harrison - Party of Three! said...

Nicole! Why did I not think to ask you sooner?? I had no idea that your not supposed to run with infants in the car seat. But it does explain why we couldn't find a good selection on them! We have a BabyTrend travel system. I'm going to start checking Craigslist and the local ads for the bob or bumbleride. But in the meanwhile, how do I convince my husand that we need to drop that amount of money on a stroller??

Nicole said...

research it. the resale alone is enough of a convincing factor for mike. when i find a deal I will tell you. I just sold my 3 year old bob duallie revolution. that i have used almost everyday the past 3 years because I found a deal by price matching and combining with bcb to get a brand new one for $407. I sold my used one for 400, lol. and you are a deal finder, so you can make it work...i will help you if you me

Val said...

That's awesome that you've set and are achieving family goals!
I also had the babytrend jogger for the exact same reason--so I'm with ya. :)