Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Brant's Garden

Aparently Brant doesn't think his back porch garden is blog worthy, so I'm going to post about it myself..

Brant decided to harvest a garden this year- he's got tomatoes (on the right in the milk gallon- can you see the little green tomato growing?), lettuce (on the left in the liquid laundry detergent container) squash (not pictured because they are dying :( and something else in the back there in empty water bottles. He says the blue rags wrapped around the containers keeps the soil from getting too hot (or at least thats what I think he said- he's airborn right now or else I would ask!)

He calls using these milk gallons, empty Tide laundry detergent containers, and water bottles (otherwise known as trash) "resourceful" for his garden pots. I think of it as our colors shinning through as true southerns.

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Nancy H said...

That really tickles me to see your deck garden. Picture this proud mother with a smile on her face...and what a lovely tomato it is too!