Thursday, May 20, 2010

Renaissance Festival & Texas Trip

Last Saturday we got together with a few couples in the neighborhood (all first time parents and all parents to babies born within 2 months of each other) and went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival.

Clint and Brant in as much costume as it gets. We had apparently picked to go on a weekend when they were having their big Renaissance Costume contests. A lot of the costumes we saw were, uh- creative (to say the least!).

I didn't get a ton of pictures, but we walked around and looked at the different booths and things vendors were selling, watched an acrobat show, ate some fish & chips, and- while we were waiting for the jousting match to start- Brant took a picture of this Renaissance time period ride where people sit in the octagon shaped box and it gets wound up the pole. He thought it was pretty cool and wants to build one in the backyard now (see me in this photo?)

There's nothing hotter than a guy pushing a stroller (right, Jill??)

That evening (and since Brant had a six day break from work) we caught a flight to Texas to visit Ma &Pa Harrison for a few days.

Some cliff notes (since this trip was really just for visiting and down time):

We are pretty big gym goers, but when we moved to Georgia we decided to forego our gym memberships and invest in a WiiFit instead. On the agenda of things to do in Texas was to test out their WiiFit to make sure we still wanted to make the investment (we totally do!!)

Brant snowboarding on the WiiFit

While there we also were able to catch up with Dustinn and Val (and their two super cute kids)

"Hello Oliva and Bradshaw - nice to meet you. My name is Savannah."

Oliva was born about four months before Savannah, and look - already good friends (promise Val didn't stage this pose with Oliva's arm around Savannah!)

I didn't get a ton of pictures on this trip (and we missed getting one with Aunt Shannon), but Savannah is a great traveler and slept the entire flight both to Texas and back.

(and a thank you to Delta for giving us all of row 10 at the front of the plane with all that leg room for both flights. we'd like to do that again!)


The Caldwell's said...

Wow! Savannah is getting so BIG! I can't believe it! She is so adorable :) Can't wait to meet her!

Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

I love sitting in the very front when traveling with Edward... SO much easier (you just have to stand up and get stuff out of storage). Just wait until she wants to walk, at least you can contain her to one small area. She is so big!! SO big! AND you look fantastic!

Linsey said...

Looks like you guys have had some fun and relaxing time together. Can't wait to see you guys next month, and finally get to meet Savannah!