Monday, April 19, 2010

Attn: Everyone who is traveling this Summer

Head over here to design your own free luggage tags, courtesy of KLM Airlines. They may add you to their e-newsletter list, but you can always unsubscribe from it later.

Upload a photo of your own, or choose from their selection. They are giving these out (with free shippping, even) until they are gone and there are still over 37,000 left. Order as a gift for someone else, and they'll deliver it to their doorstep too.

I've never flown KLM (and probably never will), but I once saw one of their crews that had just arrived from overseas that were walking through the Atlanta airport. I may have been in a little awe of how polished and sharp looking the entire (huge) flight crew were in their teal blue uniforms. They practically walk in formation too.

Happy traveling!

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The McCullough Crew said...

I think Brant looks pretty sharp in his uniform, even though it's not teal :)