Monday, October 20, 2008

Wright Fam Portraits

On Saturday I met up with Chris, Rebecca and their kids at the the Riverwoods for some practice taking portraits (this was the family that gave us our couches when we got married in exchange for watching their kids). With the nice scenery around the Riverwoods, there were TONS of other people taking portraits out there too- so we were resourceful and a couple of these pics are from watching what the other professional photographers were doing and then posed the same way...(and I will conquer the art of lighting eventually).

Props go to Chris on Gavin and Jared's school picture pose- I just snapped the camera.

Brianna had a great smile. Too bad the photographer kept cropping her elbows out of the photo.

This picture of Maddy was seriously a mircale. Seriously.

Things I learned taking these photos:

(1) Its more of a challenge than I thought trying to get everyone looking (and smiling) at the camera at once.

(2) Taking family protraits is fun! Anyone else want their family portraits done this month? (Seriously, the first one or two people in the area that leave a comment wanting FREE portraits in the month of October- you got it! My camera isn't super impressive, and I don't have photo editing software, but it makes for good Christmas cards and scrapbooking).


Kyle and Amanda said...

wow those look really impressive- we know who to come to next time we need some pics!

J+S said...

Kristen, look at you! Great job. My favorites are #3 and #4 and I love all the individual ones you did of the kids. Way to put that class we took to use.

Val said...

Aw, I wish we lived in the area and I'd somehow computer hack and delete the first 2 comments and then say, "ME! Me! Ooo choose us!"

Hehe. I loved #2 (the one lying in the grass.) Autumn is so gorgeous.

TJ and Ayumi said...

Cute pictures, I love it! I will ask you to take our family portrait too!

Laura said...

That is hilarious that you found me through a comment on Seriously So Blessed. How are you guys doing? It looks like you are a traveling couple from the look of you blog. Ahhhh....the good ol' lunch bunch days. I remember them fondly. Where did Sarah ever go. I need to find her on facebook or something. Cute blog. I will have to put you on my google reader so I can keep up with you!