Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can you recognize him?

The one sitting to the right of the woman in the red shirt and black blazer...

Your getting closer.... click on the pic for a closer view (he's looking straight at me, I'm sure!)

He came down to the Provo airport hanger today talk to all of the UVU aviation students - since Brant works there as a flight instructor in his down time, he got us tickets to attend (we guessed that there wedre 400-500 people there).
He talked for about 45 minutes on his career as a captain for Lufthansa and likend "flight plans" to "life plans". It was neat to hear him talk about when President Bush came to Utah a few months ago and he got meet him and sit in the left seat of Air Force One (and when E. Uchtdorf's hand reached intuitively for the throttle, President Monson was standing behind him in the cockpit and read Elder's Uchtdorf's mind and said "Dont even think about it..." (in other words, it was funny...)
But my favorite part was when the question was asked how his wife supported him and she got up here and said "All you pilots out there- you can't marry anyone who is scared to stay home alone overnight. I love his career because he will be gone for days and I get to do all the things that I want to do that I can't while he is home, but then when he comes home it makes it that more exciting and life is always a second honeymoon."
Even from where I was sitting far back, I could see Elder Uchtdorf blush :)


Alyssa said...

Love it Kristen. I shared it with my sister who is a pilot.

Aubrey said...

I bet that was fun, I love hearing him speak. Sounds like his wife is a fun lady. And, for your clarification, I only have one friend named Kristen that has a blog. That is you, my dear. You don't have to, but if you want to, you're it! And yes, I will use last names, funny, I was just thinking that about someone else who has 2 friends named Aubrey and tagged me-her--us. Yeah. :)

Emily said...

Hey Kristen!
Do you guys know Theo Okawa? He's a flight instructor at UVU too. He's my friend's husband, and we got to see pictures of Uchdorf too! That's cool you guys were there!

Brant and Kristen said...

hmmm... Brant's not familiar with a Theo Okawa. Maybe he's seen him around, but never knew his name, though. Good to hear from you, Emily :)