Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Purse Lady

Hi Kristen's friends and family! This is Joleen and I'm excited to be Kristen's first guest blogger! If I'm good enough, maybe she'll let me come back! Enjoy!

I should never have been introduced to The Purse Lady.

But four purchases later, I'm hooked. It started as a simple quest to find a brown purse that would fit my needs. I rummaged through the loot searching for something just my style. And I found it! A great size, not too flashy, and priced just right.

Summer came and I was bored of the dull browns and blacks. How was I going to make it through the summer? Lo and behold, who came around again but....The Purse Lady. I immediately set my eyes on this adorable item and couldn't put it down. Kate Spade was my new best friend.

A season later I was in the mood for some shopping. I set out through the mall looking for something fun and sassy. I was ready to take a leap past the blacks and the browns for winter. I found an incredible alligator print, deep red bag, but was not prepared to foot the bill for that $133 price tag. I did my best to justify the purchase, but couldn't bring myself to hand over the plastic.

Coincidentally, the VERY next day I received an email from The Purse Lady. She had new stock! I sent her a picture of the purse I'd seen the night before and asked if she had something similar. We set up a time and place to meet so I could peruse her goodies and I counted down the days.

The Purse Lady came and went, and I'm in love.

Gucci sat on my desk to be admired the rest of the day. Who wouldn't love the satin inside and the matching wallet to go with?
Giraffe print is the new thing and it made it's debut over my shoulder just this evening. I flaunted it everywhere I went.It will be hard to decide who gets to be taken out for the evening now that I have so many choices. And I'm sure there will only be more to come.


J+S said...

Do you know what jealous is? Jealous is when the guest blogger has a cute purse and you don't.

J+S said...

I love giraffes.

Angie said...

Perhaps one needs to get her own blog. Think about it. It's fun.

Brant and Kristen said...

I agree Angie- you don't know how much I've tried to get her started with her own blog!

nancyrharrison said...

I want to know if there is such a thing as a "Purse Lady" in TX. I need a new bag...bad!!! (All suggestions are appreciated.)