Sunday, October 26, 2008

Reunion Weekend

(photo courtesy of Dene Quimby :)
Friday: No biggie here- Brant got in from a trip around 5pm and then worked instructing down at the Provo airport while I went to the gym. Afterwards we went for ice cream cones at Sonic.

Saturday: Here comes the bride! We went to Chantel and Reed's wedding in the Mt.Timp Temple. While we were waiting and chatting outside afterwards for them to come out, we thought of a brillant way to pass the time- couple photos (an easy buy-in idea for Dene since she was once a photography major).

This is Dene (DuH-naY) and her husband Mike (in the classic Mt.Timp Temple wedding pose). Dene and I were room roommates for 3 semesters at BYU-I and used to joke that, with the exception of our spouses, that we were each others longest running roomates.

If I had my box of college memories with me (instead of back at my mom's house in GA) I'd post some fun pics of the 4 of us... too bad I never did get a picture of that turkey that Christy had put in the bathtub to thaw for Thanksgiving. Imagine my surprise when I pulled the shower curtain back one morning and found a floating turkey on the other side... and the brew-haha club, and the bathtub club, and the Taylor House, and lots more memories that I better not get started into :)

October 2008

This is "Snowview 9" Christy, Chantel, Dene and I. The three of them are all from Eagle River Alaska and took me under their wing as roomates :) Christy recently celebrated her six year wedding anniversary- she was the first of us to tie the knot and all 4 of us were there at her reception.October 2002

It was neat that even with Christy living in Alaska now that she was able to fly down and the 4 of us could have another reunion for the last of the marriages. (Alaska '09- we're totally there!)

Saturday Night - No pics, but Christy, Dene, and Mike came and stayed over for about 3 hours (Christy's husband Derrick didn't make it down to Utah with all the work being done on their new house back in Alaska) and had a blast!

Sunday - Ward (branch) conference at church. We've gotten to be good friends with our downstairs neighbor and had him up for dinner. We spent two hours just chatting and listening to his fascinating stories/life.

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Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

Wow... can you believe we have been out of college for YEARS now?!That is proof that time goes by really fast! One day, in the not so distant future, we should all get together and see how much has changed since 2002! The Ridge, and sadly I can't eve remember the apartment number... :)