Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weekend Spent Southern Style

Friday afternoon: to the airport and on the 4:40 flight to Atlanta. Brant had a stand-up trip (which means an overnight trip) out of the Atlanta base Saturday evening, so I took the opportunity to go with him to Georgia.

Saturday: LOTS of southern food including this cute place. Our trays were complete with chicken fried steak, potato salad, and cornbread (for Brant). Tallipia, mashed potatoes, cornbread, and peach cobbler (for me).

Saturday afternoon: we visited my long time friend Joyce and her husband Justin. We were pretty speechless when we learned that the 3.5 bed/ 2 bath home across the street from theirs was on the auction block with a starting bid of $29,000. I know that housing prices have plummeted- any maybe I'm just ignorant- but $29,000? (And no, I didn't forget a 1 or 2 in front of the 29).

Sunday: church at my mom's ward, dinner of baked chicken & rice, sauteed squash, meatloaf, and more (I may be mixing up the Saturday dinner with the Sunday dinner here) and then back to the airport to catch a flight back to Salt Lake (I was distraught to get to the parking lot at the SL airport and find that the car windshield needed to be scraped of ice. Bummer).


Val said...

$29,000 FOR A HOME! Oh my goodness. That's amazing!
Why is an overnight trip called a stand-up trip?

TJ and Ayumi said...

Wow, I want that house...
You guys are soooo lucky to travel so frequently! I'm super jealou-s!

Karly said...

Holy cow I am jealous of that southern food!