Tuesday, October 14, 2008

KLAS Softball

Remember this post? Last week we wrapped up our co-ed softball season (so fun!) and Alyssa caught this group shot. You'd never guess by Andrea's mad photoshop skills, but my eyes were actually originally closed in this photo. Good job on our first season as a co-ed team, guys!


Alicia said...

Hello, this is Alicia who took Kyle and Amanda's pictures. I saw your question about the camera and thought I'd reply to make it easy. It's a Digital Canon Power Shot S2 IS.It's not a SLR but it's a step up from regualr point and shoots. A nice camera but the focusing can be really annoying sometimes.

klas said...

Kristen, thank you soooo much for coming! That meant a lot to me to have you guys come! I wish one of you could have won a raffle prize, dang it! But don't worry, pizza on me for Monday!!!
p.s. Tell Brant thanks for coming too, Aaron said he came!!