Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Positive Outlook

I've been a little bummed and then happy, but then bummed (and then happy again) at work since yesterday morning (don't we all love life's little roller coaster rides?).

Today I left work a little early to go to the cannery to can our raspberries and blackberries for the jam I want to make for our food storage. Since Brant's on a trip, I headed over there solo and- after getting my hairnet secured, my plastic apron tied, and my gloves on (its quite stylish, the cannery it is) - I get on the assembly line and meet the sweetest 70 year old sister missionary there (they have missionary couples working at the cannery). The first thing she said when she saw me in my hairnet and plastic apron was "my, you have such a pretty face." I was definately caught off guard and the first thing that popped into my mind was is this woman kidding? Maybe I should wear a hairnet more often..., but I immediately replied thank you and that she had such a pretty face too (Seriously- I don't think those eyebrows of hers could have been penciled in any better ;). As we get started bagging frozen raspberries, she goes on to rave about the "glow" that I have which starts us talking and sharing life experiences (well, she had a lot more to share than me- she really was just so sweet).

I don't think that I've ever in my life met a sweeter stranger than this older woman. I dare say that its help make up for the recent bummer times at work.


J+S said...

Kristen, you really do have a beautiful face!!

nancyrharrison said...

How funny! You really know how to tell a story, Kristen! I'll bet the jam is delicious too!

Joleen said...

So bummed that I'm not there to commiserate with you on RSNA. Don't worry! I'll be returning tomorrow (fingers crossed). Then we can stress and get frustrated about it together!