Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekend Round Up

On Friday evening, we headed over to the KLAS summer party. I was stoked to bring my camera and get some good action shots with the water balloons, volleyball, etc. That is until I had the camera on, ready to get a great snapshop of a kid with chocolate all over his mouth when I realize the batteries are dead. Total bummer...I'm sure dead batteries with no backups has got to be a photographer cardinal sin. But we did have fun at the BBQ and playing lots of sand volleyball!

On Saturday afternoon, Brant and I watched the movie Wall-E (cute, but if you go to see it, I recommend reading reviews to understand what its about. It took me awhile to understand- I'm not sure how Disney expects kids to understand whats going on when the two main characters only say 2 words throughout the whole show!)

On Sat evening Rissa and I headed back up to the Captial Theatre to catch the final night of Miss Utah. Can I just say how amazing Jill Stevens (Miss Utah 2007) is? Seriously- does this chick really look like a soldier in the military?? You better believe it!

The theme of this years pageant was based around the military, and the contestants did an opening number with little "women" army outfits on (and REALLY cute red shoes! Wish I could find them online...) And then Jill came out with her really sharp looking, official military skirt/ business uniform on. Talk about impressive... check out this video and tell me if you'd have the guts to do that on the Miss America stage.

I hope I get to run into Jill Stevens one day running around town (I mean, if she doesn't happen to be out in Iraq or Afghanistan.) By the way, congrats to Miss Utah 2008- Miss Sanpete County (does anyone know where Sanpete County is?)

On Sunday evening Brant and I were over at the Perkins- too bad I was distracted by watching the Next Food Network Star... I forgot all about Miss Universive!

Stay tuned for Brant's upcomming post on his harvest (aka back porch garden)!


Matt, Meggan & Ty said...

Kristen...I actually went to highschool with Jill Stevens...she was such a tomboy we were all shocked she turned out to be a pagaent girl!! Love her! Also, Sanpete County is where Mount Pleasant, Manti, Ephraim is (Mormon Miracle Pagaent). My really good friend and roomate Charlee in college was Miss Sanpete County back in the day...I'm glad Sanpete is representing!!

Linsey & Kevin said...

My dad lives in Sanpete County!!! How funny is that? Glad you had fun at the pageant!

P.S. Can't wait to get our books!

TJ and Ayumi said...

I begged TJ to take me to go see Wall-E because it looked cute and the reviews were fantastic...turns out it was pretty disappointing. I mean, it wasn't bad but not great...

I saw Miss USA fall down AGAIN! on youTube...too bad it happened two years in a row...I felt bad for the girl but I thought she handled it pretty good ;)

Anyway, we should definitely have to hang out when I come out there next month!

J&S said...

Did you go to the lighting demo on Saturday?

kristen said...

I did make it to the lighting demo on Sat morn - I actually remembered to go! Although it was really just so-so. Nicole was off in her own world of aperture and ISO settings, I didn't really learn a ton.

J&S said...

I seriously laughed my head off when I saw your reply about the lighting demo. I learned a few helpful things about posing, but the rest of it was spent in a daze of confusion for me. P.S. I told Scott about the comment from Saturday and he busted up. Ahh, maturity and perspective: two hard lessons to learn for that one.

Aubrey said...

Yeah! My cousin was Miss Sanpete County in like 2000, or something. I went to several pageants with her that year, it was so much fun! Sounds like you had a busy weekend!