Thursday, July 24, 2008

A few good books

The other week, I was at Anthropologie at Gateway Mall and came across several books that looked so enticing that I almost bought them right there (but then thought better of it and went home and ordered them from online and paid a fraction of the price).

When I was younger, whenever my Grandma would come to visit, she wouldn't let us get away with bad manners (a southern thang) and now, I'm so glad she did! This should be required reading for all ladies out there :)

It reminded me of this book I got a few years ago- a fun book about how to be a good hostess, being socialable, how to tip properly, etc.


TJ and Ayumi said...

Now I know why you are such a wonderful LADY!

Val said...

I'm glad you posted this! I'm excited to read How to Live Like a Lady!