Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Tuesday Tip (no pun intended)

The gals at work requested somewhat of mini lessons from my "Swell" book (see previous post). Here's the first lesson- on tipping. A disclaimer that these are not my own words- they were copied directly out of the book with inserted comments of mine...hope thats legal...)

Chicks get a bad rep for being chintzy tippers. Let's put an end to that tout de suite. In situations where a gratuity is expected, know how much to give- and then give a little more!

Restaurants - 15% of the bill 20% for outstanding service (actually, I generally tip 20% unless the service is exceptionally poor).

Hair Salons - 20% to the colorist/cutter, and $5 will get a smile from the shampoo girl. If the magician wielding the bleach wand turns you from mouse to Marilyn, slip an extra $10 in her envelope.

Nail Parlor- 20% to the manicurist/ pedicurist (ahem...that's for you Joleen)

Skycap or bellman- $1 or $2 per bag. Give or take.

Hotel Maid - $1-$3 for every day of your stay (leave it in your room when you leave)

Valet Parking- $1-$2 when he hands you the keys

Food Deliveries- 10% of the bill, 15% if its raining

A lesson on Duking:

Tip the cab driver. Duke the doorman who whistled for him. Tip the waiter, duke the person who escorted you to the nice table. Duking is the friendliest form of tipping: cold cash passed in a warm handshake to people who make your life faster, smoother and friendlier, but who never hand you a bill. Strictly off the books, a tip for service beyond the call of duty.

Any other specific situations you gals run into where you wonder if you should be tipping? Let me know!

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