Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Since you asked. . .

Some of you may have already seen this, but the gals at work wanted me to blog about it since they hadn't seen this yet.

This is my coupon box. Yes, that's right- organized and filed into 160 different categories. I learned my savvy shopping habits from an old roomate who gave me this box (empty back then) along with the categories to file them under. In the almost 2 years that I've been dedicated to this, we've saved an incredible amount of money on groceries and rebates, along with learning how to get things for little or no price. If your willing to take the time to cut coupons from the Sunday paper (it takes me about 20 min every Sunday) you'll learn to save BIG and build your food storage.

If your looking for more ways to save money, try this website (mostly the discussion posts are about stores in Utah county), this website, or for free samples- go to this website (which is a great place to go for free samples because they don't sell your info to other companies who send you tons of junk).

FYI: even when you can get products for free that you don't use (i.e. medicines, hair products, etc.) still buy them. At the end of the year you can then donate them to the United Way for a tax write off.


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wow! very insightful! I will have to check this out because we are trying to save money... thanks for the update!