Friday, July 4, 2008

Starting off the Festivities

Last night we began our celebration of my favaorite holiday (4th of July)with a Salt Lake Real Soccer game (for those of you who don't follow soccer, pronounce it RE-Al). Since J works for Xango (who is the corporate sponsor of the team's jerseys) and it was her company night, she was able to score extra seats and t-shirts! Neither have us have ever been to a real soccer game- and this one was intense! The players kept getting into fights, the fans were booing, and everything from waterbottles to whatever people could get their hands onto were thrown onto the field- things were getting so wild that even with a score of 0 to 0, the refs decided to call the game short by a minute and a half! This is us enjoying the game

To end it all, the stadium fired off a great show of fireworks. I found an online article today giving tips on taking awesome fireworks photos- wish I had read that before last night- my shots definately didn't do these fireworks justice.

More July 4th pictures comming soon...

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TJ and Ayumi said...

Nice! I went to Real game once...unfortunately, it wasn't a very good experience...anyway, looks like you guys had fun though!! I thought of you yesterday cuz I remembered it was your favorite holiday!!!