Monday, February 23, 2009

When you know its gotten out of control

A post from Andrea (who found it on another blog).

P.S. We tried the Guiltless Chili's menu over the weekend. I had the salmon and Brant the steak. It really was AMAZING (and under 750 calories for each entree). Next time your trying to decide where to go to eat, I'd defiantely recommend it.


Val said...

I absolutely love that you do frequent posts. I signed up as a BzzAgent, hooray!

nancyrharrison said...

Excitedly, I turned to page 260 of my copy of TWILIGHT in search of the message on true love. All I found was a glistening Edward, with Bella, in the meadow. Could I have gotten the page wrong? I know it has got to be in there. Maybe, I will broaden my search to yesterday's newspaper and the colored cartoons. Nothing like a good quest to brighten up my day!