Monday, February 9, 2009

One of our favorite things to do

Is to host (or go to) dinner parties- not big fancy ones, but in my defination usually include 4 to 6 people. It gives me the opportunity to work on my culinary skills, as well as catching up and socializing with friends. Last night my old roomate Dene (DuH-nAy) and her husband Mike came over (and stayed for 4 hours!). We had soft shelled tacos (tacos are my fad lately), CremeBrulee courtsey of Dene, and shared lots of thoughts and good discussions (hence the 4 hours- we didn't even get to the dough and baking of the Valentine's cookies we had planned).

Topics we talked about:
(1) Extreme hiking survival stories (like this one)
(2) If our spouse passed away, would we want to die with them (haha- thanks to Dene for that topic. Such a morbid conversation!)
(3) Thoughts on financially supporting children in college
(4) Bridge engineering (Mike is graduating with a masters in Civil Engineering this year).
(5) Working out (I start my fitness bootcamp today and it will last for the next 30 days).
(6) Other fun topics that have slipped my mind at the moment


Val said...

I love dinner parties and socializing too.

Andrea - said...

That sounds fun!

How is bootcamp? What was that site? I've already forgotten! Should have bookmarked it!

Dene said...

Thanks for having us over Kristen! It was good visiting and good converstion. Hopefully not to morbid :) sorry about that. We'll have you guys over for dinner next!