Friday, February 13, 2009

Week One - Completed

When I was around high school age, I felt like I needed more general discipline in my life. I even kind of fantazied about enrolling in a bootcamp (I didn't necessarily want to join the military, just wanted to complete the bootcamp. I guess call me crazy).

And then, for the past couple of years, I have heard about various fitness boot camps going on in the area. I loved the idea of them, but didn't really get a chance to enroll.

Until now.

And it rocks.

I actually bid for this bootcamp online (making it a fraction of the price it normally is) and started this past Monday. It's 30 training days - 5 days per week - one hour per day.

After seeing photos on their website, Brant was a little worried about my enthusiam to do such a thing. Rest assured- this bootcamp is a franchise and has a few different locations throughout Salt Lake and Utah County. The location in Utah County (Pleasant Grove) has a female instructor that's a little less intimadating (she doesn't wear the camo and boots at least), but is just as motivating.

During your entire first week you get to wear a 30 pound vest (they call it hell week where they even let you do these really special excercises that leave your muscles tired for a loooong time...and then you graduate at the end of the week and no longer have to wear the vest).

I'll keep you posted on the progess.


The Caldwell's said...

What! That sounds so cool. I wish we could do it together...although, I can assume you would totally kick my a**...;)

Dene said...

move those triceps PT Harrison!!

Linsey said...

That looks like an intense program! I'm wondering what my boot camp is going to be like.