Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some advice...

Don't fix it unless its broken!!

Last December (about a week before Christmas) I let my dentist convince me to replace three of the silver fillings I had on my upper teeth with white ones. He said that it was probably a good time to do it since in the xrays he could see build up starting to form on the inside of the filling. It had never bothered me before (meaning that I had never had pain in those teeth), but he had been trying to convince me fore a year and a half to do it before I finally took the bait.

Good idea?

I think not.

This morning I got back from having my second root canal done as a result of those fillings (something about the new fillings being too deep and aggravating my tooth). This root canal wasn't on the same tooth as the first root canal, but the one next to it. And just my luck- the Endodontist thinks that I may have one more tooth that will need a root canal just to get back to the original state my just perfectly fine teeth were in before my primary dentist started all the re-doing of the silver fillings nonsense.

So. Don't fix it unless its broken (i.e. causing you pain the first place). AND- if you need a dental procedure (or any medical procedure for that matter) go to a specialist like an Endodontist and not just a general dentist.

Good grief.


Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

HEY! Last year my dentist was begging me to get rid of my ONE silver filling. He said it would be easy and pain free. I didn't have the money so I didn't do it, and after hearing your story, I sure am glad. Sorry to hear about the root canals. :(

Val said...

Oh Kristen, I am SOOOO sorry! I can't believe that happened to you! It is just not fair that you went through pain and high costs just because you followed the professionals advice! We're supposed to be able to trust them.

The Caldwell's said...

Wow, that's not cool. I'm sorry to hear that...I fix one of mine few years ago and it's getting really sensitive every year. However, it's white so it looks good ;) No more root canals!

Aubrey said...

bummer! Sorry about the root canals, that's no fun! we miss you guys!