Saturday, February 21, 2009


I was estatic to open my mail yesterday and find 4 coupons - each good for one FREE Guiltless Grill Entree at Chili's!

How did I get these fabulous coupons? Because I'm a BzzAgent. I first learned about BzzAgents in a senior level marketing class at BYUI- which in short, being a BzzAgent means that you are a word of mouth marketer.

How it works: You register (at no cost to you) and enter your demographics here. Based on what demographics you have entered, BzzAgents are invited to participate in certain campaigns. Then, once you have accepted the invitation to participate in a campaign, you will receive free product of some kind (it may not be right away- but Bzz will e-mail you when they have a campaign going on that fits your demographics). All you need to do is share your honest experience about the prodcut (good or bad) with friends, family, co-workers, strangers, etc. and then enter your experience on the Bzz website. For every experience you enter, you build points- which you get to cash in for prizes. (The first campaign I participated in was with Hershey Take 5 bars. I was sent 30 free fun size candy bars to eat and share with my college friends!)

Its a win-win situation. Bzz agents get free stuff; companies get word out about their new products.

So if you like getting free, cool stuff (like coupons for free meals to Chili's) and sharing your honest experiences with others, try signing up to be a BzzAgent yourself.

And in the meantime, we'll be enjoying (and sharing our experience about) the Guiltless Grill entree at Chili's :)


Val said...

This is SO cool! Thank you for sharing this...I am definitely signing up!!!

Lynnette and Chris said...

I am so a BzzAgent now. This is my kind of thing. :) Thanks, Kristen!