Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Review

Friday- consisted of pumping ourselves up for when we go to watch The Dark Knight (whenever that ends up being) by re-watching Batman Begins. Before the KLAS tech team's magnificant rendition of the movie during the KLAS Conference, neither Brant nor I had any desire to watch it. We've changed our minds since.

Saturday- started with my Chick-fil-a's B1G1 free chicken biscuit coupon at University Mall. Then a high-powered trip to the gym, followed by lots of home cleaning/ organizing and a trip to the Mt. Timp temple. After a quick trip to the grocery store for survival food (as we like to call it) we hit up Trafalga for their batting cages; I hit 5o balls, Brant did 100. We were bummed their that photo booth wasn't working so we settled for a game of Deal or No Deal- the arcade style where instead of playing for money (or for fun like the home DVD version) you play for tickets. I ended up with 6 tickets in my case! Afterwards, I was wondering what it would take to get on the actual show (did you hear that someone finally won the million- and they were from Utah??) My goal this week is to find out if Deal or No Deal is taking applicants- and crossing my fingers that if they are, it turns out better than when I applied to be on The Apprentice a few years ago (in other words, after hours taping and editing and adding cool effects to my audition video, no word back from Mr. Trump :(

Sunday- church, nap, coupon clipping, and another round of tin-foil dinners (the home style version cooked in the oven). They were delicious courtesty of Brant!

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