Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tin Foil Dinners, the Women's Expo, and plant self pollination

Friday Night: Camping in our portable Harrison house (shown above) with friends Rissa and John, cooking scrumptious tin foil dinners, roasting traditional smores, Rissa burning her hand while toasting marshmellows, sitting and socializing by the campfire, hitting the hay.

Saturday Morning: Up and about, John and Rissa cooking a fantastic breakfast of french toast and sausage, Rissa burning her hand...again, a lazy walk around the campsite enjoying the weather after axeing plans to tube the river from fear of the water being too cold.

Things we learned from our first camping trip:

(1) Camping just a few miles up the road in Provo Canyon turns out well for a one night trip
(2) We need to invest in a battery powered pump for our air mattress (thanks, Harpers, again for letting us use yours)
(3) Don't forget to bring trash bags and a lattern (another thanks to the Harper's for knowing to bring those items), bring a second sweater or blanket for nights.
(4) Its much nicer to have a pair of glasses rather than having to worry about contacts (good thing we just got Brant a pair a few days before).

Thanks for a fun camping experience Rissa and John! (That's a gas stove that Rissa got at a bridal shower before they got married. John says its the best bridal shower gift he's ever gotten :)

Saturday afternoon Laci and I headed over to the Utah Valley Women's expo. It was fun to go and see everything. I'm definately a supporter of woman entrepreneurs businesses (which a lot of the businesses that were there at the expo were). We both made a free card from Close to My Heart and couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy a cute new headband and pair of shoes.

Saturday evening- while attending the adult session of Regional Conferece, we sat next to Kris M. who just 30 minutes earlier had gotten home from finishing a half triathon. I thought it was super neat that she had just done that - I want to do one now (well, with the right preparation that is). I'm gunning for next spring.

Saturday Night- Kyle and Amanda were in town and dropped by for a little bit to say hi. Among other discussion topics, Brant has been a little bummed at the lack of pollination that his plants have been getting. Kyle jumped to the rescue because, apparently, there is a way for a plant to pollinate itself...with the help of some fine point tweezers WHA-LA. (don't worry, I was skeptical of it myself, but here's Kyle determine with the tweezers...)

Sunday- was regional conference and my (weak) attempt at making Italian Chicken in a crock pot for dinner.


Laci said...

Your camping trip sounded fun! Even if it was only up the canyon here! Thanks again for going to the Expo with me. It was fun! I love our new shoes!

Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

What an eventful weekend!! looks like a lot of fun.. I love camping... better do it soon, going to get nice and cold in provo :)

J+S said...

Hey, have you checked out Nicole Hill's post today?