Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday Tip- When a friend owes you money

Question: Last month I ran into a woman from my walking club at the grocery store. She didn't have enough to cover her purchases and borrowed $30 from me. She still hasn't paid me back, and though I hate to make a big deal of it, I'm on a tight budget. Should I remind her or let it go?

Emily Post's Anwer: Whether you "need" the money or not, this woman should pay you back. Chances are it slipped her mind. But you shouldn't be shy about asking for it: Call her up and politely remind her of your loan. Then tell her it would be great if she could either bring it to your next walking-club meeting or pop a check in the mail. If she still fails to repay you after two or three weeks, don't be embarrassed to ask another time -- and make a mental note not to lend her money again.

My personal opinion: First, decide if its worth it. I have a friend who is in a situation where she lended money to one of her friends (who is in a less fortunate financial situation than my friend is). You souldn't feel guilty for asking for your money to be returned (actually, you shouldn't have to ask at all!) and yes- she should pay back 100%... but is it worth is to remind her that she still owes when you know she needs it more than you do and if you can live without it? Tough call.

If you decide that it is worth it to get it back, like E.P. mentioned above, it has probably slipped her mind. Try something along the lines of "Hey, let's go to a movie. If you want to just pay for my ticket, we'll call it even from the other day."


Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

I like the idea of getting together maybe having dinner and seeing a movie and just let her know she is paying :) Then you can call it even. Chances are she knows she owes you the $30 and can not repay you. I bet she would if she could... well I know I would try to pay someone back as quick as possible :) good luck.

Laci said...

That reminds me! I'll get right on that! Ha ha. Was this blog secretly for me? :)

kristen said...

haha- no Laci. I actually do have a friend that is in this same situation and wrote it to help her know what to do :)