Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend in Review

On Friday afternoon after work, we headed over to the ball fields to play another two games of softball- this time with on our ward's (I mean branch's) team. It was so great to have Brant in town on Friday and have him play too. On the drive home, we celebrated in the car when the clock turned 8:08pm (on 08.08.08) Afterwards we enjoyed watching the Bejing Opening Ceremonies. Did anyone else catch the number of Chinese couples who got liscenses to marry on 08.08.08? Something along the likes of 14,000....can anyone verify that for me? Talk about superstitious!

On a side note, I predict that Bob Costas will still be the main Olympic newscaster at least 20 years from now in the 2028 games and he'll definately have aged and have gray hair and I will be saying to my kids "you know, he was the newscaster for the Olympics back when I was growing up." I cant remember as far back as Barcelona for the '92 games, but I do remember the '96 games in Atlanta (the year I got to go!) and he was the main newscaster then. By the end of the two weeks of Olympic games, you can definately tell that he's ready for some sleep!

But I'm digressing.

On Sat morning, Laci and I headed over to Archivers for their free "Make and Take" day. We made two neat cards (yay again for being free) and looked around the store a bit. Card Club is this Tuesday and the theme is "Thank You". Until I get creative enough to come up with my own ideas, I'll just have to keep copying the ideas I see in their books and online (ha).
After going to the Mt. Timp temple, we drove over to Draper to meet Linsey and drop off her book that we thought would be a good idea to preorder (but after the book was released I wished I wouldn't have had that brillant idea- I could have bought it in the store for the same price I pre-ordered it for and have gotten it a week earlier. Ah, such is life...)
We then headed over for our weekly (or bi-weekly....or even more likely- monthly) grocery shopping trip. I was excited to get to use our new reusable and stylish grocery bags; but for some reason, Brant still had trouble accepting this new idea and opted insread to carry the bulky coupon box rather than the 4 bags into the grocery store (which I didn't mind of all- I think they are super stylish).

Then back home for Olympics and to watch Michael Phelps win some more gold in swimming.
Sunday was excellent: church from 9-12pm, a Sunday nap, taco soup for dinner, reading under a tree at the park, and more Olympics.

And now gearing up for yet another week of work.

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Rissa & John said...

I'm glad I'm not the only Olympic fanatic- John jokes that I have "Olympic fever!"