Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Ho-Hum Weekend

On Friday evening we headed over to Chris and Rebecca's to watch their 4 kids and was introduced to Deal or No Deal the home DVD version. Of course when your not playing for real you'll risk everything; I ended up with $5,000 in my case at the end and Brant ended up with $200,000 in his. But when Brant wins, I win right ;) Too bad it was play money. . .
Brant got in from a trip to San Franciso and back early Friday evening (he met up with me to watch the kids later) and as he was getting off the plane, he ran into some old friends that are living in DC now- how fun!
On Sat I headed up to the Salt Lake Farmers market (again!) with Linsey and picked up some more red raspberry jam and a tub of home made honey butter. On the way back I dropped by IKEA to pick up my reusable grocery bags (see earlier post- props to me for "going green").
On Sat evening the guys held an Elders Quorum activity of kickball (no girls allowed) so a few ladies from the branch got together and we went to dinner at Zupas and then a quick trip to feed the ducks (well, the kids feed the ducks, a couple of us just enjoyed the summer evening... didn't capture any pics on this one, though).
Now we're here Sunday evening and savoring the last moments of the weekend before heading to work for another week tomorrow.
I told you it was ho-hum. Not as nearly as exciting as last weekend's post when I almost got the chance to open the emergency door exit on the plane.
P.S. Nice blog, Pops. Now you just have to start adding posts to it.
P.P.S. Does anyone else have issues with the spacing on their blog posts? For some reason the spacing defaults back to single spacing when I publish the post.

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