Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Braves Game Weekend

How nice it is to be able to go home to Georgia every once in awhile! After arriving in Georgia on Friday mid morning and lots of R&R, my mom cooked gyozas (a family fav) for dinner as my early birthday meal.

On Sat after sleeping in (and I mean way sleeping in) we made fantastic scones for breakfast.

Afterwards, we visited one of my favorite peeps from high school, Lacy. After a nice drive around town and looking at newly built neighborhoods we headed back home to get ready for......the Braves game :)

Is this not an amazing sight? First of all you've got the amazing jumo tran screen with between inning games and trivia and panning of the crowds (I've been on the jumbo tran once. It was seriously amazing.) And then you've got this beautiful skyline of Atlanta. I took this photo from where we were sitting (yep, we're all about those $6 cheap seats!)

This collage pretty much summarizes the experience (actually not really. I was too distracted watching the game to take a lot of the pictures I wanted). Not that anyone besides me will really get a kick out of this (maybe my mom and brother) but notice the HUGE Chick-fil-A cow in the bottom left hand corner? Every time the tomahawk chop chant played over the stadium, the cow was doing the tomahawk chop with his right hoof. In the end the Braves won against San Fransisco- yay!

On Sunday, it was more sleeping in and then church at my mom's ward (the one I spent most of my time growing up in). Sunday night was home made lasagna and more Olympics.
And then early (and I mean early) Monday morning we were awake and to the airport by 5am EDT.

What a great weekend!


Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

happy birthday and it looks like you had a ton of fun!!

TJ and Ayumi said...

you guys are so lucky!! Why don't you come visit me in Kansas one weekend huh?? I'll take you guys to Independence MO (carthage jail) and go shopping at the PLAZA! It should be way fun!!

Mom said...

All we need to get the Braves out of this awful slump is obviously for you to come home more often! I'll have the scone dough ready whenever you are. . .