Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday Tip

I’m going to save party invitation/ decline etiquette tips until next week. For now, lets talk about accepting and giving compliments (advice compliments of HTLLAL).

It's funny that we sometimes find it easier to deal with an insult than to accept a compliment. Don't be bashful or embarrassed and don't negate the flattery be denying it or causing too much of a fuss. Next time someone pays you a compliment, just smile and say a genuine thank you.

And don't forget to add a dose of humilty- while accepting a compliment gracefully is appropriate, agreeing with it wholeheartedly is most certainly not.

The ability to give comments well is an art form- too many and you may seem insincere, so be careful to bestow them only when you really mean what you say.

Compliments Everyone Loves to Hear:

-Haven't you lost weight!

-I've really enjoyed talking to you.

-What in incredible cook you are!

-I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to meet you.

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