Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Review

Friday Night: Brant bought tickets to the Orem Owlz game. It would have been fun to go if I hadn't of come home from work not feeling a hundred percent and slept through the rest of the evening :( We hope that maybe they will still let us use our tickets for another game.

Saturday morning and afternoon: LOTS of R&R from still not feeling a hundred percent from the day before. A trip to the grocery store to fill our reusable bags.

Saturday Night: An enjoyable trip to the dollar theather to watch Kung Fu Panda (WAY better & funnier than Wall-E).

Sunday: Church, flipping through the weekly ads/ cutting coupons, dinner with the Lulloff's, Perkins, & Jacksons, enjoying the summer night and socializing.

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Aubrey said...

We took the twins to Kung Fu Panda on Friday night and I confess, I giggled the whole way through.