Monday, August 25, 2008

WANTED- Personal Assistant

Duties include being an all around amazing person which means you would be responsible for:

- Being my alarm clock Monday- Friday
- Doing my make-up every morning
- Doing my hair every morning
- Coordinating my daily wardrobe
- Manicuring my fingers and toes on a weekly basis
- Comming up with nutritious and delicious meals and then serving them to Brant and I on a daily basis (including packing lunches for us to take to work)
- Being my personal trainer at the gym 3x week
- Shopping (grocery, clothes, and other things on a as needed basis)
- Planning weekend outings and vacations
- Running various errands throughout the day (i.e. getting my car tested and registered)

Notice that there is no requirement for cleaning or laundry (I'm willing to do my own cleaning).

Spread the word- this position will go fast! and starts after we win the lottery...


TJ and Ayumi said...

Sugi Salon is always open

the texas harrison house said...

I thought she allready had one and his initials are BWH, or maybe he got fired :). Or maybe she didnt get him young enough to train him right. :)I would apply but I allready have a job !


The McCullough Crew said...

How much?

Mom said...

I'd share mine with you, but apparently they've never managed to find our address. . .

J+S said...

I want one too.

Alyssa said...

This makes me laugh because one of my co-workers just told me I need one.